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Evolution is just a theory trollcat

Thu, May 28, 2009


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28 Responses to “Evolution is just a theory trollcat”

  1. N.Balasubramanian Says:

    A good pictorial view about evolution


  2. Jonathan Says:

    Yep, gravity is “just” a theory as well. Then you have the germ theory, chaos theory, quantum theory, atomic theory…


    • admin Says:

      Exactly, all just theories that don’t PROVE anything…


      • Owningcreationists Says:

        A theory doesn’t mean it is unproven, gravity is proven, the atomic theory is proven, and most other theories made by great minds to try explain the world around us without a creator are also proven, through tests and experiments that clearly show the properties explained by a theory, these experiments are re-creatable by anyone, since the beginning of time when a group of humans have talked or wondered about how they came to be, crazy voodoo magic was their answer, made up, even the bible was written by man, your not reading god’s word your reading what a man has told you god said some time ago, the bible doesn’t have a shred of evidence in its favour, and neither does any creationism, they rely on ‘faith’, or stupidity as most intelligent people call it


    • chris Says:

      stupid retard. just see out of you and me who makes it to heaven


  3. paperhead Says:

    Evolution is just a theory…or not :p


  4. thinking outloud Says:

    Evoution from Monkey > Human Being. Then how come there are still monkeys.


  5. Miley Says:

    Enough said. Evolution is just a crap. There’s no such thing.


  6. Claudia Says:

    Evolution is real, but people who believe otherwise always seem to sidestep reading about or watching the evidence because it frightens them. And humans didn’t evolve from “monkeys”. Much more monkey-like creatures, yes, but not exactly the monkeys and such that we know today. There is actually irrefutable evidence. Also, people who disagree always whine about “it’s just a theory”, but actually everything in science is a theory, and theories are the closest things to proof in the scientific world. And what’s with the “I know a tiger has to have been designed” crap? Everything evolved over time, not just humans. Living creatures were just practically sea monkeys millions of years ago. It’s funny how humans share percentages of their genetic makeup with dogs, daffodils, and fruit flies. What was Jesus thinking?! OMG


  7. DrowningStar Says:

    I love me some Jesus. Bahaha.


  8. shastabeast Says:

    Jesus? who needs em?


  9. Hazel@ OPEN SYS NET Says:

    Quite sensitive huh? Any other pictures in the house?



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