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Gay marriage trollcat

Sat, May 30, 2009


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22 Responses to “Gay marriage trollcat”

  1. gforce Says:

    A big no! Gays have rights too and must practice marriage whenever or whatever they feel it like to…


    • admin Says:

      They can practice it all they like. They’ll never be any GOOD at it.


      • hah Says:

        You’re an admin and don’t support gay rights. I’m tired of gay issues splattered all over the internet.

        *pulls up chair, clicks more trollcat links.


        • admin Says:

          What are you talking about. Preventing gay couples from marrying is a form of social discrimination, just like the segregation of African-American people in buses and stabbing people you don’t like much. It’s bad and naughty and nasty and evil and wrong and I won’t brook any suggestion to the contrary, so help me sausage.

          The gay marriage issue is also about legal discrimination.

          Marriage provides couples with tax breaks, inheritance entitlements and, perhaps most importantly, next-of-kin rights. Preventing gay people from accessing these legal rights is as tangible a discrimination as preventing women from voting. Or setting houses on fire. Or trying to sit down in a fixed position for more than ten years holding one hand upright and humming something sort-of tuneless.

          What I’m saying is that if this doesn’t look like pure, true, deep romantic love to you then you were clearly born without a soul.


  2. korkie Says:

    Did you HAVE TO SHOW folks spitting into each other’s mouth?
    They gross regardless of straight of gay performers.


  3. Funny Says:

    Find Me
    .-= Funny´s last blog ..Baby Duck…! =-.


  4. UrbanFox Says:

    MWahahahaha! The comments are hilarious! Peeps should NOT tick the off mode for their sense of humour when they turn on their PCs. What part of “trollcat” dont these dimwits get? Cat? ROFLMFAO!


  5. Rd Dantes Says:

    This has been asked at the Miss Universe pageant and I remember one gay got mad at the contestant. Anyways, I believe that we can make choices.


  6. DrowningStar Says:

    Bahaha. I STILL find it hilarious how serious people get on these comments. Hahahaha. (lqtm)


  7. shastabeast Says:

    You guys need to realize that theres TROLLPEOPLE! Dont be dumb and fail into there BS. They’re doing it on purpose. Dummies.


  8. admin Says:

    Notable mention to Carm Cole for this submission on a similar theme.



  9. FearFAIL Says:

    Fear is the only thing that is FAIL.
    .-= FearFAIL´s last blog ..Facebook Roundup: Plancast, Zuckerberg, Avon, Appssavvy and More Bras =-.


  10. Seth Says:

    Is this an anti-gay site? I’ve been subscribed to feeds from an anti-gay site?
    Fuck you guys.

    I’m deleting my subscription on google feeds.


  11. Evil Muffin Says:

    This trollin’ is win.


  12. Limited Company Says:

    Let everyone marry who they want.Even in the animal kingdom there are same gender preferences.


    • Death By Snoo Snoo Says:

      Well Go Have Your Fun With Your Horse And When You Get Back You Will Find Out We Do Many Things Different From Animals.


  13. Patrick Says:

    While we are at it, lets give people the right to marry animals. I mean, why should we care what someone does with a dog or horse? Just because we see it as wrong means nothing. Being condemned by the bible also means nothing. What is wrong with people all over having sex with animals?

    (btw, This whole post was sarcasm)



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