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Holocaust denial trollcat

Wed, May 27, 2009


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28 Responses to “Holocaust denial trollcat”

  1. yaugle Says:



  2. Don Gwinn Says:

    So very wrong. And yet, if you have a housecat who looks exactly like Adolf Hitler, how many directions can you really go with it?
    Also, I’m pretty sure that cat is plotting something.


  3. Joe Bloe Says:

    You’re a sick fuck..


    • admin Says:

      You’re a beautiful human being, oozing light and radiance, who serves only as a shining, iconic testament to the triumph of Will over Ego.



  4. Mike Says:

    I’m sure he’s a pretty good watercolorist, too.
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..White Irises On Lavender Background =-.


  5. Aobe Says:

    Definitely not! I super agree!


  6. kathy Says:

    My dad was there..he said it never happened


    • slum_goddess Says:

      kathy, your dad is fulla shit. ask any of my gassed-to-death relatives.

      though you’re a moron, i STILL think it’s teh funny.
      .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..say it ain’t so =-.


    • shadowmatrix Says:

      Kathy, was your dad German? Way to research the subject matter on your own instead of listening to one person babble on how 6 million people and tens of thousands of American and Ally G.I.’s are not enough witnesses to the crime. really believe that everyone in the armed forces who saw the gas chambers and rotting corpses were all just in a huge, worldwide Jewish conspiracy?


  7. Terrence Says:

    It should never happen for it’s a fallacy.


  8. rachel Says:

    um i dont know what to you also believe that like a million + a million people in the world got together and just planded to say that there was a big war and that the people that died were just flooks and we just let of a big bom for the fun of it in japan.oh and let me gess you also believe in santa too


    • Willyrobinson Says:

      Ethnic characteristics – German precision + Jewish emotionality = a difficult to beweeeve story once you research a tad.

      I hear @ 1 of za camps dey took a soviet tank to use the diesel engine to gas em…it wasn’t working well enough so they replaces ze outake pipe with….ANOTHER SOVIET TANK w/ DIESEL ENGINE. Problems?

      Physics majors?
      Chem majors?

      I hear (frm da nurem–burggs) dey also had a floor with electrocucity which served as a trap door and all zee bods fell into empty rail carts (indiana jones temple of doom?) to transport away.

      I beweeve in magic – whoa oooo – its true.
      .-= Willyrobinson´s last blog ..Wordism Divides People More Than any Border Can =-.


  9. rachel Says:

    nice cat funny how did you get a pick of hitler if its not real


  10. Night_Goddess Says:

    I want this kitty to scare away the jews


  11. Night_Goddess Says:

    negative nellies shut up


  12. Fail Says:

    Whoa, all my comments are “awaiting moderation”?!?!


    • admin Says:

      99% of all comments placed are spam, even with filters in place. First-time commenters have their comments checked before being published. You won’t be moderated again after that, assuming you use the same posting details.



  13. Cuppycake Says:

    Holocaust? What is this you speak of??? ;}


  14. Evil Muffin Says:



  15. Blondey locks! Says:

    Ok I understand why some people don’t want to admit it happened but u just can’t not believe that peoples lives and futures wern’t distroyed that so many people didn’t suffer and that the world today wouldn’t be different!! There is so much scientific proof that proves that it happened!! Some people are just sick and desgusting lyk Adolf Hitler! Why would you discriminate against people who look just lyk you?!?!?! There is no such thing as perfection not even close we don’t control what we look lyk expecially back then!! Now we can dye our hair and get contacts then we had to just live with it or as i would lyk to say Die with it.


  16. kkk Says:

    the holocost did happen and you are sick to say it didnt happen


  17. Crazy girl Says:

    I know that there is a holocaust denial groups but thats just what it is DENIAL. The thruth is it did happen. If you have seen pictures and actually met people that have been there like I have then there would be no uncertainty in you. There is no possible way that those photographs of the mass graves and starved people is faked. NONE AT ALL. There wasnt technology good enough to fake it and those people that have been physically and emotionally scarred cant fake their grief. It is horrible that people would try to deny the death of over 6 MILLION jews. That changed our history. Just because your German or Nazi doesnt mean you need to be ok with what happened or think it didnt. Hitler was a horrible, evil, demented, mentally unstable, sick, power hungry man and you shouldnt let someone like that taint your judgement. When you ignore history it repeats and we surely dont want anything half as horrible like the holocaust to happen again. Those few thousand survivors of the holocaust surely didnt group together and go get those numbers tatooed on their arms so maybe you should actually ponder and think about what has been scientificly proven and what seems more realistic and compare it to your beliefs before you just say what pops into your mind at that moment. Just saying.


    • Marshall Manson Says:

      There are many proofs and evidences that the holocaust never happened and it was only an excuse so they could find a save haven in the country of Palestine.
      Yes, the Israelis do NOT deserve to set a foot in Palestine, not after what they have done to the country and killed all its people and raped all their women.



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