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OS holy war trollcat

Wed, May 27, 2009


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15 Responses to “OS holy war trollcat”

  1. Jimmy Hats Says:

    Great site and post. Cats always make me horny….wait….what did I just say.


  2. hah Says:

    I love this.
    I’m a fan now.

    Macs blow and suck. Plus its built on a unix kernel.
    Windows is a dead bloated cow. they keep shocking it back to life only for it to die again and again.
    Linux needs more polish, but Ubuntu is getting there.
    Google android… We’ll see, but its still a linux kernel.

    If gay marriage is a “human rights” issue then so is using Shitty Operating systems. Cuz I’m tired of getting fucked in teh ass by microsoft.


    • admin Says:

      I feel you. I’m tired of being fucked in the ass by my Dad, but I feel like my sister deserves a break every now and then.

      I mean hi.


  3. max Says:

    Wow. That cat is me. Wait, I am on a Mac. Sucks worse to be hah stuck on Microsoft. :::scamper:::
    .-= max´s last blog ..police tape is your friend =-.


  4. Windowa Says:

    Mac sucks! Still Bill Gates’ slave. ;)


  5. Over Says:

    Mac is overrated. I hate the fucking Mac!


  6. slum_goddess Says:

    FIGHT! FIGHT! and on Trollcats! BRING IT. :-)

    i looooove my Mac mini. it’s old now (4 years) but i fondle its glossy whiteness (& i mislike most white things) today as i did the day i got it outta the box. anyway, on that first day, it took a bit of time for me to quit stroking it to actually plug it in. my BF was cracking up cause i just wouldn’t let go (yup, i’m weird that way). *preens*

    no more BSOD, no more defragging, no more windows updates or the kinda crash that brings down everything you’ve got running, no more security scares and best of all, no more m$ bullshit; i’d like nothing more than billgates and his baby, m$ to truly fuck off or fuck each other; it matters not.

    back in reality, i won’t have anything windoze on my machine (like i use NeoOffice instead of the m$ suite-shite or whatever it had originally just like i got rid of IE about ten minutes after my new machine smoothly imported everything from my old piecashit Dell (including 20,000+ mails going back to 1997).

    ‘once you go Mac, you never go back’. well, at least i won’t.

    whoa… i wrote a similar comment on slashdot like the week after i gottit outta the box. right, longest uptime i enjoyed was 129 days w/o rebooting or losing speed or any lag or anything. ahhhhh… this liddle commential release was almost as good as sex. /almost/. ;-)

    y’all can have your faves but i tell my students and friends to go Mac cause the extra expense is totally worth it. fight? bring it. fuck, i said that already. whatever. :-)
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..we couldn’t help it =-.


  7. Technology Blogged Says:

    Stop fretting people lol. Macs and PC’s and UNIX systems all have their bad points and good points – Macs don’t suck by the way and if they did people wouldn’t pay over £800 for them.

    Im a PC but just give it a rest. Sometimes I get embarrased by people defending a machine.
    .-= Technology Blogged´s last blog ..Nintendo Zii: The new Wii ? =-.


  8. Jim McCray Says:

    Gay marriage is a “Human Right To Be Awesome” rights issue.

    That’s all.
    .-= Jim McCray´s last blog ..A Valentine’s Day Joke About My Ex-Girlfriend =-.


  9. Evil Muffin Says:

    Yours does too.


  10. Geardawg Says:

    They all suck. Windows XP was the best, but they all fucking suck.
    .-= Geardawg´s last blog ..My site is fucked up again. =-.


  11. FreeMicrosoft Says:

    Thats probably a Mac lol.
    .-= FreeMicrosoft´s last blog ..Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction recap =-.


  12. FreeMicrosoftPoints Says:

    Lol I love it, been a fan of lolcats for a looong time.



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