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Black cats are lazy trollcat

Mon, Jun 29, 2009


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10 Responses to “Black cats are lazy trollcat”

  1. Jrock Says:

    I have never seen a black cat get excited. They are the best pets.


  2. Black Hater Says:

    LOL. Proves with the recent pic uploaded! Totally agree!


  3. Phoenix Says:

    how very racist and ignorant…lol
    everyone is beautiful, except racists
    they’re just sad and stupid


  4. shastabeast Says:

    i love when people don’t like trollcats. It always justifies their existence. thanks phoenix for having no sense of humor and making me laugh.


  5. bluzkat Says:

    I have a black cat too and he sleeps all day but the best pet I ever had!


  6. Miley Says:

    Susu is a spy in the house in his mind are all the things that false Linda does in the room that Rose & Nick lived in. Her area of the world was able to watch the house for protection and instead they wanted to control thinking they could do better so they sent only new Linda and her aunt & they picked up people along the way.

    Susu cries for his mom and real family and wants me to be rescued and go home to mine. My real name is Anna but here they changed my name to Miley. The title Coonie is the same as the title Mei Leigh = Miley in the Orient. So NOT all black cats are lazy. Susu is keeping the vigil for his Mom & Dad who may not remember who they are because they were removed from the house in a violent way. If anyone liked or tolerated Rose & Nick Gambino running things, then do something to make this happen again. They DO NOT DIE.


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