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Interracial marriage is an abomination trollcats

Fri, Jun 19, 2009


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18 Responses to “Interracial marriage is an abomination trollcats”

  1. GreedoFett Says:

    absolutely brilliant.


  2. Patrol Says:

    Lol. I love black women so is that bestiality? You mean!


  3. korkie Says:

    Here in the great US of A, interracial marriage is not only legal, it’s fashionably acceptable.


  4. Michael Says:

    Loving black and white combined. Makes perfect combination.


  5. I am the One Says:

    Ebony and Ivory, together makes a perfect harmonyyyyyyyyy..


  6. Danielle Says:

    The contrast of colors is beautiful,hate however isnt.


  7. tobysaid Says:

    Here in the US of A. I am married to a black woman. We get alot of dirty looks and comments from blacks that I usually either dont notice or shrug off. It really gets under her skin though.


    • slum_goddess Says:

      i feel for you, tobysaid. i’m 20 years older than my ex-partner and before we took off, we got a LOT of nasty comments from total strangers, total assholes, rather..

      over here in the UK, nobody looks at us twice (we still hang round together). same deal w/black & white couples: nobody gives a flying fuck and nobody would dare comment or even look askance.

      these are ignorant motherfuckers, those who dare comment on your rel’p and IMO, you should treat em as such. dunno whether or not you have a big mouth like i do, but back in the States i wouldn’t let one dog-felching asswipe get away w/any comment he dared tell us.

      the looks on their faces were priceless (and worth it). fuck ‘em.
      .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..testing on Hunter =-.


  8. Asia Says:

    Black and Japanese is where its at, as far as I’m concerned. I plan on making beautiful babies that God will love all the same, possibly even more than your sorry evil tail. Interracial marriage, sex (married sex) and babies are not an abomination. Hate is an abomination because it goes against all the teachings of the Bible. Hate is something directly from the mind and mouth of Satan. Hate is something that causes man to harm. Hate causes wars and suffering. Hate causes unchristian like demeanor and ideals and actions that are contrary to the very word of God (look at slavery…not Godly). So before you go damning people who love one another, you should take your behind to the nearest house of God and stop festering up all this hypocrisy in your basement Hannibal Lecter!


  9. US=Ignorance Says:

    Us is the country of ignorance,without history,the conseguence,a lot of people,with a mind devasted,twisted and perverse,think this.Death to Us people.Atomic olocaust!


  10. slum_goddess Says:

    and you have so keep it up, yo. wait: comment luv’s giving me an error? how very fuckiin dare em.

    my last post on Tawdry is here:

    but i’m about to post another cause i got a shitload of hatemail last night. i’m using images stoled from here (and crediting to Trollcats of course). cause hey, the damn shoe fucking fits. so i wear it even though i’d rather it be way inside all SG-haters’ assholes.

    and now i throw up before i clean out my mind’s eye w/Clorox.


  11. Accomohycle Says:

    Ive been offered a hand me down, but would rather get a modern one, who has owned one of these:


  12. Kafferlover Says:

    how many human races are there? and when do we stop calling a human human? a human with one arm is 90 % human without arms and legs is 60% human cutt of his head he will be 50 % human. how much percent a human needs to be human before he becomes a beast?


  13. NiggersAreEvil Says:

    Blacks are not humans.


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