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Ironic meta-troll trollcat

Wed, Jun 10, 2009


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Trollcat ironically meta-trolls with non-troll lolcat.

If you don’t get it, try harder.

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10 Responses to “Ironic meta-troll trollcat”

  1. Angela Says:

    Cuteeeeee cat! Yum yummm!


  2. Johann Says:

    I’d like to have a cat like that. What breed is that?


  3. Jaek Says:

    Dude, this made me laugh so hard I nearly cried, mainly due to the “If you don’t get it, try harder”. This may be the most post-modern trollcat evar.
    Also your “doh!” response above was win. -Jaek


    • admin Says:

      So far as I’m aware, you’re the only person who “got” this one. So I’m retroactively dedicating it to you, Jaek, whomsoever you may be.

      You may now collect your prize.



  4. lilianavonk Says:

    I laughed so hard I may have just sprained something integral.

    Apart from Jaek getting here first and justifiably earning said internets, it’s okay…I’ve already got one anyway. :)


  5. slum_goddess Says:

    yeah, i goddit as well, but hey; many ppl don’t get meta-anything. to admin: thanks for the two illos of *face-palm* *snigger*.
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..say it ain’t so =-.


  6. Miley Says:

    how can I cchange my first name on this? have I successfully succeeded in giving myself enough protection by using that name on here?


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