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Korean trolling trollcat

Sun, Jun 28, 2009


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56 Responses to “Korean trolling trollcat”

  1. Karen Says:

    Ewwwww.. Koreans eat cats? OMG. They have no place in this world.


    • BAReFOOt Says:

      You FAIL at life, at perspective, at EVERYTHING! YOU are the original reason the word EWW exists! GTFO the Internet and shoot yourself!


    • qkekek Says:

      They don’t eat cats!!!!!!
      grrrr… I donno where that came from, but NO!!!!!!
      Maybe other countries somewhere in Asia(China?! maybe?!)
      come on people! Koreans don’t eat cats!


  2. karen is an idiot Says:

    No, Koreans do not eat cats, but I could see how you might be confused seeing as how is such a reputable news site.


  3. Magma Says:

    For real? what cuisine then? I’m curious.. How exotic to eact cats.


  4. Sugo Says:

    I heard from Asian countries, they do eat cats. For real!


  5. Marty Says:

    Koreans eat dogs, it is considered a delicacy. I have only heard of Koreans and Chinese eating cats when there was a dearth of food.


  6. UrbanFox Says:

    Koreans will eat anyfuckingthing


  7. slum_goddess Says:

    whoa, what a bunch of racist motherfuckers unless i’m missing sump’n. youse all are teh funny, though *laughs & points at assholes*
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..Sod’s Law =-.


    • admin Says:

      Well yano. When people run around with these on their foreheads, what’s a trollcat to do. He asks rhetorically.



      • slum_goddess Says:

        hah! you made me blow coke outta my nose! (not the cola kind, the kind that—oh, never mind). soz, just woke up (‘just’ being like 2 hrs ago; 17,00 GMT) but my 3rd coffee hasn’t kicked in, thus the coke.

        need… more… coke.
        .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..Sod’s Law =-.


  8. trampsmom14 Says:

    I heard koreans eat dogs,too, which really pissed me off, beings as I am the mom to three little pups. So I thought I might fry me up some nice little pieces of korean baby butt! Or korean baby back ribs..mmmm,sounds like some good-eatin!


    • Nick Says:


      Hey this is a misinformation. Yes, some Koreans eat dog but many, especially females, don’t and it is not an everyday thing to eat dog. Koreans are often shocked when you tell them you’ve eaten rabbit, frog or lamb though a small number of Koreans will have eaten these. Koreans are dog lovers just in the same way you can say you’re an animal lover and yet tuck into steak and pork etc.

      To be honest, the attack on Koreans for eating dog is a form of racism, or more mildly cultural bias. The only people who can really argue against eating dog are strict vegetarians – they have the moral high ground on eating any animal.

      I love animals and I yet I eat meat, and have eaten dog. If I were to visit an abattoir in the UK I’d no doubt be appalled at the way animals are killed and the way chickens are caged in battery cages. Despite the UK and USA being full of professed animal lovers, there is little political or social pressure to reform these hideous practices especially when so many of us love meat and it’s cheaper than it would be if the methods of rearing and butchering animals were reformed.

      The stories about battering dogs before killing them, to tenderise the meat, is done to cows in the west – not with baseball bats but with hormones injected into the cow before it is slaughtered (in the UK it is illegal to use hormone tenderisers in meat so this is bypassed by injecting them while alive. I would imagine having your veins filled with tenderising chemicals must be particularly horrendous).

      My point, yes I agree it’s unpleasant killing lovely little dogs but why single dogs out. Pigs are especially intelligent and cute, in my opinion and so are cows – if a bit dumber but should we base our moral stance on how intelligent an animals is or how cute we think it and use the to justify eating them, or not. I think not! At the end of the day it’s all revolting, pig, dog or chicken.

      By the way, many Koreans are just as disturbed by the dog eating phenomenon as westerners can be.



  9. qkekek Says:

    Hey people! -_-
    This is not true!
    Koreans will never eat cats!

    Well, some other countires will, but NO! NOT KOREANS!

    And Who made this poster?! It makes me so mad.
    Koreans don’t eat Cats!



  10. qkekek Says:


    Koreans DO NOT EAT CATS!
    That stupid cat poster is not true!
    -_- who made that?! that person must be very stupid too, just like that poster.


  11. mrbojangles Says:

    lololol…omg you koreans take things so seriously and get butt hurt over the smallest things.
    funny shit.


  12. byungsindeul Says:

    Koreans don’t eat cats motherfucking dipshit. Don’t say such bullshit unless u know shit. People who think Koreans eat cats are fucking retards. Where did u get that information froM? i’ll fucking cut his head off and eat him/her.


  13. Jay Says:

    Lol damn, I guess it’s true because it was posted here. Atleast, that’s what all these morons who are crying about it believe. Get lives.


  14. spookie Says:

    “In Korea, cat meat used to be boiled and made into a tonic as a folk remedy for neuralgia and arthritis, though the meat by itself is not customarily eaten.”
    They (meaning some people, not ALL!!!) eat DOGS. Most people, though, love their pets — cats and dogs, and do not agree with old practices.

    Chinese people, and NOT ALL, eat cats and dogs.
    I know a guy in China who is always afraid his cats will disappear while he is at work… collars and all, and wind up as food. He said his neighbor’s cats went missing and everyone knows they were stolen for food and for their fur for trim, to be sold in the USA and worldwide.


  15. sibalnomuseki Says:

    who the hell made that poster? ….


  16. aznpride Says:

    wow whoever put this on the internet needs to get a life im korean and i know for a fact that they dont eat cats u fuckking moron


    • admin Says:

      Sounds like the kind of thing a crazed, cat-eating Korean might say.


      • Lee Da-Eun Says:

        Hi I’m Lee Da-Eun Republic of Korea and a member of VANK(Voluntary Agency Network of Korea). VANK is a non-governmental organization and also a voluntary organization. VANK consists of elementary, middle and high school students who provide correct information about Korea to international textbook publishing companies and publishers.
        Recently I visited your website, and was quite surprised to find your posting ‘Korean trolling trollcat’ What is surprised, I regard you as one of the world’s best.
        ‘korean eat cats’ That’s not true.
        Living in Korea for almost 20 years, I haven’t heard that.
        cat is cut pet.
        I’m one of the pet-lovers.
        so I don’t saw the posting.
        korean don’t eat cats.
        that is rumor.
        Because of rumors, Korea’s image is grow worse in world.
        As a member of VANK, I urge you to modify or delete the posting for korea’s image, please.
        We would be grateful for your explanation.
        Thanks a lot for reading, and I am looking forward to your reply.
        Yours very truly, VANK(Voluntary Agency Network of Korea)


    • GeekLuva Says:

      OK, OK, OK, Everyone calm down! Shit. I’m Korean and very proud of it… and I think this is funny. It’s just a joke. And I’m making it my screensaver.
      Anyone with a brain realizes this for what it is… and also knows that Koreans eating “pets” is not commonplace. Like an above poster mentioned only during times of extreme hardship or during ancient times was this “the norm”.


  17. redorangeblack Says:

    Koreans do eat cats.
    Translated, it’s Cat wine.
    The cats are boiled alive, in
    what amounts to a pressure cooker, until there is very little left.
    The liquid is then sold, and used predominantly in soups. There is also
    Dog wine.


  18. JonB Says:

    Cats are turned into a drinkable liquid called “koyanggi jungtang.” If you know how to read Korean characters, you can see signs in markets typically at the same places that pressure cook black goat, or “hukyumso.” You can see cages of cats, usually in poor condition in front of the shops that will boil the cats into a liquid paste. You will see these signs usually in smaller letters on the doors or on the windows…not huge neon signs. Anyone can go to public Korean markets and see these places and photograph them, proving that this is a public business in Korea. It’s true that not *everyone* eats cats in Korea, but to say that cats aren’t eaten in Korea is not true at all.


  19. Tom Says:

    This is a pretty funny picture, but Yeah Koreans only eat cats in times of hardship, but it still goes on and they may not be pets, but I mean, don’t do that to cats, or at least the way they do it right now.


  20. vegan, beach! Says:

    I do not eat cats or dogs. However, I am disgusted by those who eat/slaughter pigs, chickens, and cows. You are digusting, vile, subhumans. See, this is my opinion and view that I share with others, therefore my closed-minded thinking like this applies as FACT to people like you who eat hamburgers and chicken wings. EWWW YOU GUYS HAVE NO PLACE IN THIS WORLD. I can be pathetic, intolerant, and self centered as well.

    Those who harbor such unfounded hatred of others with differing cuisine are, to simply put, stupid fucks. The Muslims would disapprove of certain things you eat; are you going to justify their actions if they blow you up or crash a plane into a building you are in?



  21. hey yeh Says:

    I cannot understand your opinon
    korean eat cats? No!
    Can’t you see the second picture?
    it’s chinese!! It’s not korea!
    Maybe you should learn about other countries
    . And don’t think that koreans eat dogs
    Because we hate eating dogs too just aging people
    like to eat them but many koreans hate


  22. bad cat Says:

    This is not true….i don’t say anymore…=[


  23. wtf?? Says:

    there are many people who have fucking head in the world. and that fucking shit head may shoot, slaughter and fuck same species, the human.

    so i dont give a shit to that.

    maybe that cat eating guy is same with the fucking head.


  24. qwwe Says:

    What the hell are you talking about?
    Korea doesn’t have a culture like that
    I’m a korean, and I have never heard about that


  25. galdos Says:

    that is not a korea you stupid that is china i’m korean and you abuse my country you mtf


  26. so-called Korean who eat cats Says:

    What the hell you guys talking about?
    I think those who are saying “Korean has eaten cats” should have mental sickness

    We do not eat cats. Maybe Chinese eat cats, probablly.. Visit! if you cant believe my satement


  27. yms Says:




  28. korean Says:

    I’m korean.
    This picture is not korean.
    That is in China.
    But some Korea people eat cat too..
    But I’m not eat cat never.
    I love cat very very much.
    Tell this story is very shame on me..
    please help Korea’s cat..
    PLZ..They abused everyday no reason
    just some people kill time.
    Korea’s animal law is week.
    In MORAN market eat dog and cat.
    not only that be cruel to cat very much.
    (cannot bear to see picture)
    Korea cat live on average only 2 years….
    Because people’s abuse……….

    Please help korea’s cat.
    Please let all the people know.

    I wish some foreign animal protection group come korea.
    I wish some kind people take korea cat other country..

    PLZ help korea’s cat.plz…


  29. korean Says:

    Korean eat cat is a few people.
    Not food,cat used medicine..


  30. Lol Says:

    koreans don’t eat cats lol


  31. korean Says:

    I’m Korean.
    I’ve never heard of such a nonsense in the world.
    Korean does not eat cat.really really Korean doesn’t eat cat.
    We don’t drink cat, and we don’t eat cat.
    Who said Koreans eat cat? I wanna know.
    Maybe he didn’t visit to Korea.
    Why do people trust things they have not seen in person?


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