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PETA trolling trollcat

Tue, Jun 2, 2009


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Thanks to Immodest Proposals for this one.

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8 Responses to “PETA trolling trollcat”

  1. admin Says:

    Trollcats considers a future “vote-bombing” trollcat, inspired by this.


  2. XWL Says:

    Yeah, sorry ’bout the vote bombing. I suggested voting up this post jestfully at my not so well followed Twitter account, and then Althouse goes and posts a link to my post at Instapundit, so I accidentally sent over a guestblogger hand-me-down Instalanche (not quite as powerful as the real thing, but still a pretty big wave).


  3. Meatier than ever Says:

    It coud’ve been funnier if you eat upper’s pic meat. lol


  4. Alkalannar Says: had a similar thing happen to their March Madness contest, but decided to just roll with the sudden influx of voters.

    Oh, and that last post of admin’s looks like it was written at 2am. I can’t even parse i!


  5. DrowningStar Says:


    *is a peta member*

    *died a little on the inside*


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