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USA vs Europe trollcat

Mon, Jun 15, 2009


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11 Responses to “USA vs Europe trollcat”

  1. David C Says:

    This is a big statement. Any European out there. This may inflict war outrage!


  2. Kyle Says:

    Americat will invade your country. Try to stop him.


  3. European Goddess Says:

    No way. Europeans are way dominant than Americans. Deal with it.


    • Ferret Says:

      If you’re European, you’re not a shining example. “Europeans are way dominant than Americans”. Didn’t Europe gave birth to the English language?


      • David Says:

        I think that fundamentally, when you balance all the possible opposing viewpoints and consider all the various, multilevel arguments for and against โ€“ not to mention exploration beyond national and sub-national stereotypes and a fundamentally pluralist approach to diversity โ€“ you will still find a slight moral, intellectual and awareness-based superiority on the part of the citizens of those countries that make up the general European geographic area.

        There โ€“ is that better?


  4. slum_goddess Says:

    hahaha, i love it. as an American, i never thought so but knew many back there who did. then in 2001 i (thankfully) left the many xenophobic assholes in the States who think this shit. i’m never gonna live back there, NEVER… gonna stay in ‘old Europe’ forEVar. :-)

    teh funny: most of those who believe this shit have never been out of the country, duhhhhhh. i laugh in their faces.
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..say it ain’t so =-.


  5. Miley Says:

    now it can be told that troll cats r snobs especially when they cant find their visa’s and must remain on the soil they r in because of that they make these funny captions when they know that if given the correct deal they would be European snobs in a minute


  6. European Man Says:

    In ww2 germany almost conquered the world , almost by itself multiply that by 27 and that equals …????? yeah you know it … EURO-Terra


  7. Buffy Says:

    That is a great photo!


  8. USA love Says:

    USA rules EU is crap. get over with.



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