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War on drugs has failed trollcat

Sun, Jun 21, 2009


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8 Responses to “War on drugs has failed trollcat”

  1. Addict Says:

    Hell yeah! I’m on a high, on a high! Spread the love and happiness. Do drugs!


    • slum_goddess Says:

      LOL, i’m so high i can only work, twit and surf right now (boss-dude’s too stupid to even notice). but the truth is in this Trollcat. to mad below: get a sense of humor or go to the pub, whatever.
      .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..say it ain’t so =-.


  2. Mad Says:

    You die Addict! Go to hell and live the way that its worst for you.


  3. carole Says:

    Do you ever get upset over people stealing your cat photos or other photos and using them in their blogs or avatars? Or is that the highest form of flattery?


    • admin Says:

      Well, a few things I guess.

      1) We steal pictures from other places and turn them into trollcats ourselves, so it’d be a bit rich to start telling people they couldn’t steal from us.

      2) We could stick watermarks/logos on the images, but besides that being cheeky due to 1), we think it would make the images less effective if they were visually branded with slatternly corporate whoreishness.

      3) If people want to use them on their blogs/sites, that’s fine by us. Attribution and links back are nice, but we’ll settle for mindshare or a vague kind of feeling about “having stuff out there”.

      4) Boobs. Why? Because I like them. And because I didn’t really have a 4), but like the idea of having 4 things better than having 3.


      • Kathleen Says:

        Boobs are the best reason of all. Boobs are great. People do all sorts of things with boobs (and/or other body parts) as the reason.


  4. d Says:

    Trollcats, I hate lolcats, but love you. So underappreciated. I tell people, but no one buys it — they all say lolcats are played out. How should I respond? Do you have a trollcat for such cynics?
    .-= d´s last blog ..donnf: @adrianchen thanks for follow. i have updates for you about that piece if still interested. busy now but will e-mail tonight if cool. =-.


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