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Hunting is for inbred dropkicks trollcat

Fri, Jul 17, 2009


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Thanks to Replay Ray for submitting this one.

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7 Responses to “Hunting is for inbred dropkicks trollcat”

  1. Luto Says:

    That scares the hell out of me. Grrrr!


  2. AndreaUrbanFox Says:

    this is like a prophecy … :-/


  3. Kapstaad Says:

    Cute kitteh. But as a trollcat, this is FAIL. The idea is to make the topic controversial, like “raep: just do it for teh lulz” or something. Hunting really IS for inbred dropkicks; thus only inbred dropkicks would find this TC troll-ish. If only they had computers, and could read, and didn’t spend all their time engaged in incestuous fornication, drunk-driving and using assault weapons with telescopic sights to bravely defeat vicious and hard-to-stalk wild animals like squirrels, pigeons and deer in combat, there might have been some WIN here. What’s so sad is that it takes NO intellectual effort to reproduce — really, the reverse is true — so even though they do eliminate themselves from the gene pool in entertaining ways — like hunting “accidents”, NASCAR crashes, trailer fires, etc., the numbers of redneck imbeciles are still increasing at a rate FAR higher than that of the >=100 IQ folks. Want a glimpse of the future? Watch “Idiocracy”.


  4. Replay Ray Says:

    hey, “Kapstaad”…WHATEVER! actually i just wanted to check in and say,(stat-freak that i am!)i see there has been movement in the “they even fail at failing” category.and by the way i believe that at Trollcats, fail is win!whereas this used to be the 6th lowest rated, it is now in an exciting tie with 4 others for 4th lowest!now i wouldn’t expect to ever reach the depths of a “Rickroll””Blackface” or “enjoy rape’ i know i can count on a visitor to vote “hunting” down after this diatribe.
    .-= Replay Ray´s last blog ..the REAL reason the Mayan calendar ends on Dec.21,2012 =-.


  5. Matt Says:

    fucken inbred cow tippers, im voting you up. Inbreeding is un-cool.


  6. Evil Muffin Says:

    This is teh LULZ.


  7. Replay Ray Says:

    (“sigh”) back in a tie for 5th lowest Trollcat again. “Let me take you down…”please!
    .-= Replay Ray´s last blog ..The Real Reason Why Jerry Seinfeld Dogged Us With Such A Dog =-.


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