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Lie back and enjoy rape trollcat

Thu, Jul 2, 2009


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35 Responses to “Lie back and enjoy rape trollcat”

  1. Attorney Says:

    This is ain’t funny. Rape is against any woman’s rights. It shouldn’t be practiced to anyone and if anyone proved of the crime must be beaten to death!


  2. Bob Says:

    To whoever posted this… What are you, Canadian? Grow a sense of humour.


  3. Qex Says:

    If the caption had been ‘Sex – just enjoy it’ – than I would consider it funny and a good joke. However, rape is something that shouldn’t be joked about, as it is a very painful experience for the victim. Sex – yes; I love a good sex joke, and know many. Rape – no; just one step too far.


  4. NIdra Says:

    Nothing should be made fun of because it is offense to someone. Such as, abortion, racism, and gay rights to name a few. Get over it, it’s funny.


    • Terri Says:

      Sorry, rape is an abominable act of violence not discrimination. There really is a difference. Sure, it counts as a troll “score”, but it’s as tasteless and crude as they get. I wish people that whimsically discuss rape were actually, raped.


  5. DrowningStar Says:

    Me thinks ’tis funny that people take these seriously. *aahhh* Funny, funny.

    Sometimes the comments are funnier than the actual picture. In this case, I believe it’s a tie. Bahaha.


  6. Claudia Says:

    No, rape is never something to joke about. “Lie back and enjoy it”? That’s sick. If you want to push it, a lot of other genres for jokes are subjective, but not laughing about a poorly written rape “joke”. Get over it, it’s not funny.


  7. Kathleen Says:

    Well, it doesn’t really look like a rape, anyway.
    She looks rather bored, if you ask me.


  8. slum_goddess Says:

    i got raped at gunpoint, no less (entire story w/details on my blog, singled out in r-hand column) and i think this is hilarious.

    hello? ppl, the name of this site is TROLLcats. get a clue.
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..say it ain’t so =-.


  9. Chris Says:

    Dividing by zero gives you AIDS. Look at Magic Johnson, he tried it once in the 80’s and caught up to him.


  10. trollfreak101 Says:

    DUDE. I’ve been raped and it’s funny. LOL.


  11. ROFL! Says:

    Raep is ALWAYS funny and hence this is win.


  12. aenon44 Says:

    1 you horncat i said text me not sext me!2 ok im gonna let you finish but you gonna be diminished if you quit before im finished. 3 if its 2 girl kittehs its [ rape] you doin it wong if its 2 boi kittehs its [rape] you doin it wite.if they be nuetered/raked/shoveled spade its iv’e got the time an you’ve got the vine but this can’t be rape cause you don’t got the grapes!4 i think the batteries fell out of the remotive i feel a small lump on my butt!5 either be quiet or turn up volume im watching [twillight/thundercats[ insert name game of whatever show dumb pussies are watching these days]6so im sexting her up an she text me hurry up an leave money on dresser my boyfriend will be home soon!?? grommett i am her boyfriend!!


  13. Jim McCray Says:

    This is absolutely hilarious. Go make a LOLcat you bitches.
    .-= Jim McCray´s last blog ..A Valentine’s Day Joke About My Ex-Girlfriend =-.


  14. Geardawg Says:

    oh god i laughed at the comments




  15. blah Says:

    It’s not rape, it’s role-play.


  16. joe Says:

    lol wow, reading some of the comments on here it seems like several people took serious offense to this. go check yourselves into the psych ward.


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