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Coffee is the drink of champions trollcat

Mon, Aug 3, 2009


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12 Responses to “Coffee is the drink of champions trollcat”

  1. Tex Says:

    maybe, but what Starbucks serves sure isn’t coffee…


  2. admin Says:

    I actually prefer warm cocoa. True story.



  3. slum_goddess Says:

    i’d B LOLng moar better but now i’ze in England and… y’noes. tho there are the ones who sleep over here and ‘decide’ to have coffee in the AMs instead of *snigger* their tea.
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..say it ain’t so =-.


    • admin Says:

      I hear ya.

      Funnily enough this was very nearly a “coffee is for limpwristed dilettante cheek-kiss-greeting-each-other-and-heated-discussion-of-Derrida-and-atomic-materialism-over-a-rarefied-blend-of-espresso art fags” trollcat. But I couldn’t fit all that text on an image and not have it look like I was writing the world a letter.
      .-= admin´s last blog ..Coffee is the drink of champions trollcat =-.


      • slum_goddess Says:

        if you wanted to break the mould, you could put all those lovely true-isms under a *buck’s logo (a place i’m proud to say i’ve neither ever been nor wanted to even taste their fucking over-priced mud. and i despise the goddamned froth, i mean, WTF?

        whenever i’m forced out w/ppl early, wherever we go for breakfast, even when you tell em NO FROTH it always has. ALWAYS (whether it’s a cheapo diner-type place or one more up$ca£e, dependent upon who’s paying). this happened in DE and here and totally pisses me off but i need my daily fix so i drink it.

        i’ll be in NYC in the Fall and plan to have breakfast w/my sister at a normal cheapo diner, just to see if this fucked trend is going on back there as well. }-(

        nb: the motormouth continues even after the brain’s turned off. sorry.
        .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..we just couldn’t help it =-.


  4. modpod Says:

    coffee > tea
    dopo espresso > coffee


  5. Never Says:

    Coffee is win.


  6. shastabeast Says:

    fuck coffee. do coke like billy mays! wayyy better.


    • slum_goddess Says:

      OH, YEAH. coke is way betterer w/which to wake up. where’s that I PERSONALLY AGREE kitteh (w/the aggravated look on his face cos he’s loathe to admit it)?

      anyway, i came here to steal this TrollCat to make some wack point (‘wack’ cos i haven’t slept since and i don’t have any coke to help me, boooo). soz, off-topic again. *cough* thanks in advance, TrollCats dudes. :-)
      .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..we just couldn’t help it =-.


  7. saide Says:




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