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Ray Compton really hates PETA trollcat

Mon, Aug 17, 2009


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Thanks to Replay Ray for submitting this one.

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11 Responses to “Ray Compton really hates PETA trollcat”

  1. slum_goddess Says:

    FIRST! *happy grrl dancing* nb: i never posted that anywhere before and in truth, it annoys the shit outta me when i read others posting it but hey, i callz em as i seez em. anyway, ‘Your rules don’t apply to me’ *in a Keith Richards voice back in 1966* nb: not sure of the date, too tired/lazy to Google and anyway, the ADD led me to quote Keith cause you don’t have rules here (and thank fuck for that).

    but although i’m tired/lazy i hadda Google Ray Compton cause i refuse to read news anymore and i wanted to geddit better. anyway, keep em coming, TrollCats dudes; i seddit before (but that never shut me up): this is the only site that ever fucking delivered the LOLs they promised.

    my only complaint: i wish there were an option to check so one would be mailed if someone posts after you on whatever Trollcat. i twat a Trollcat yesterday AM and one of my followers told me he loved the thread, which made me come back to see WTF he was tawking about (cause my memory’s fucked). but it was totally worth it, to see that hilarious So Much Win image again. just sayin’. *smirk*
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog and Nicky Barnes =-.


    • admin Says:

      Good point. It made me realize that the comments feed was actually broken. I’ve fixed it up now so that it redirects properly. Try or

      I’ll look into sorting it out so that people are able to subscribe to individual comment threads, too. I’m sure there must be some plugin floating around.

      Stay trollacious.


      • slum_goddess Says:

        yup thanks again (wrote the below before i saw this—hey, don’t look at me like that; everyone i know in meatspace knows i’m an asshole who misses a lot. and now you do as well). *proudtarding my ass off*

        i shall be proud to stay trollacious as long as you, yourself, remain totally trollalicious. wait: ‘trollicious’? hmmpf… first time EVar i had doubts over created words, those not in OED but which definitons are instantly recognised and understood by those w/IQs over… oh, i’ll be kind (it’s difficult for me but i’ll try) and give em an 110 cut-off point. nb: AFAIC, the average normal’s IQ of 100 is downright fucking stupid (not so much the number but those who are so damn stupid, 110’s like, the best they can do.

        OH WOW, please pardon this shit; i thought i was writing a post on Tawdry. i blame it on the LOLs i’m getting off the Trolls (and the extra-legals but that’s a given) so NOT MY FAULT.
        .-= slum_goddess´s last blog and Nicky Barnes =-.


  2. admin Says:

    OMG check it out I totally added a comment thread subscription plugin.

    Clearly I am some kind of awesome Internet superhero.

    Like this guy:



    • slum_goddess Says:

      very funny (not): ‘like this guy’, indeed (in SG-tawk ur ‘like this guy’ would be shoutily answered back: ‘like this guy, my ass…’ or sump’n cruder (she said hopefully).

      THANK YOU for the feeds; they’ll help me muchly when i’m in the mood to fuck w/those posting whatever shite w/which i don’t agree. nb: ‘fucking w/ppl’is like my M.O cause it’s so fun in this country; back there they always took me seriously. the word ‘morons’ comes to mind but since i use it too much already, i’ll call em ‘unthinking dipshits’ or sump’n.
      .-= slum_goddess´s last blog and Nicky Barnes =-.


  3. Replay Ray Says:

    wow, you outed me!yes folks,Replay Ray and Ray Compton are one and the same and i’m not famous at all so don’t bother googling me, there’s just something called the Compton Ray, which is shot into space to help the Hubble telescope.i get it,Trollcats, send all the hate mail to him, not us! well,PETA aside, i must confess that i have one cat residing with me named Crybaby and he is the most pampered,spoiled rotten feline EVER!and i would never screw his tongue to a drainboard just to post a cutesy lolcat! p.s. slumgoddess, i think i love you.
    .-= Replay Ray´s last blog ..“Dexter” what a killer show =-.



    PeTA please go away and stay away forever and quit shoving your mindless philosephies at us


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