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Stalkers are lol trollcat

Fri, Aug 21, 2009


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86 Responses to “Stalkers are lol trollcat”

  1. unknown Says:

    Just a minute ! Okay. You all come on post after post saying nasty & mean things too people & attack them. It’s alright for you to do so. If people come up on here & catch you up in stuff & confront your a**es ! You lash out. So really do you think it’s alright? Because I don’t think some of this stuff is alright. You better watch your mouths & who you talk about. Snitches /Gossipers is all you are !!!!!!!! Buh-bye.


    • slum_goddess Says:

      HEY EVERYBODY! ‘Snitchers/Gossipers is all you are’ and if you don’t believe me, i’ll OD on surprise marks! yes i wi-illll!!!!!!!!!

      in other news, never has an ‘anonymous’ so earned an ‘anonymous coward’ a la Slashdot. anonymous chickenshit, more like. :-)

      ps, BUH-BYE!!!!!!!!!!!
      .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..scene of the crime =-.


  2. unknown is adopted Says:

    i know you….. you just screened all this for that 50 yr old and she posted it on that adoption blog to try to claim spooks is a troll. you ladies need bingo or something. this site is called trollcats. troll….cats… get it? learn to take jokes while going through your changes, ladies. while so in an uproar over trollcats and spooks, look in the mirror and all the abuse you supposedly good citizens did to that girl while her dad was in the hospital and then you went after her child and mom. there’s a lot of silly sites out there so please stop being a turd. leave spooks alone you bingo ladies, you abused her and her fram. for long enough.


  3. unknown Says:

    Ha ! Only your morons believe one person is after you ! How about 15-20 users so far. Some called troll busters. They are well known troll stoppers & will make sure you seek mental help. Yeah remember them. Ring a bell? They came on one post long ago and caught you and even said quote yeah this is a troll post.


  4. Barmaid Says:

    Troll busters. How it works?


  5. spookie Says:


    “Troll Busters” OMG FTW! FOR TEH WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    quote “unknown” aka anon: “Some called troll busters. They are well known troll stoppers & will make sure you seek mental help.”


    more trollpoints kthxbai lolz



  6. Barmaid Says:

    Gotta retweet this one again for the bs stalker that came out of the woodwork this week begging to be bitchslapped and sued. Go trollcat.


  7. Tristar101 Says:

    “Keep talking, bitch. I’ll find you and rape you” – Some Internet Stalker


  8. YOUTUBE Says:

    Tristar101 Says:
    July 4th, 2010 at 10:35 pm
    “Keep talking, bitch. I’ll find you and rape you” – Some Internet Stalker

    Well looks like ic3/fbi can arrest you for threating to rape someone.

    sordidguy is a topix, aol, youtube troll. If I could I would get my hands on him I would. He ruins threads with his stupid bs. Thinks he’s smart & not. The police & fbi can trace your ip’s . What he don’t know is once you reported they watch you on every website. The more proof they got they can lock you up. Even if it takes 5 months there watching you. They got more proof to get locked up for a long time. He’s nuts & yet claims he’s not and not a troll. The dummy ruined my page on youtube. I been watching his threads and laugh at just how stupid he is. I knew a guy who was watched 2 yrs. and got locked up in federal . He’s facing 10 years max ! Now days They watch you for few months or days eve, Because cyber bullying/stalking laws has went into effect in just bout every state.

    sordidguy: These 2 sluts should die.

    Those sluts you talking about right there are my 2 teen daughters and they aren’t sluts idiot.


  9. spookie Says:

    More points for teh win!
    Stalkers ARE lol you know ;)


  10. rick Says:

    Check out the rah rah-homepage logan wv topix. She or he is a troll and stalker. The website will not re-move the page because it has more hits then any page on the forum.



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