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Fairly unambiguous reaction to your utterance trollcat

Sat, Sep 26, 2009


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From 4chan’s /b/ board.

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5 Responses to “Fairly unambiguous reaction to your utterance trollcat”

  1. spookie Says:

    Ha! Awesome. I haven’t gone on 4chan’s /b/ board in some time. Oh, the memorieeeeees. I used to pull at my caturday pics off there…back in the day. Some of the /b/tard convos are hilarious.

    Who needs the almost never-ending pic of LONG CAT? ;) Long cat is long.

    Keep up the trollcat love, bro. (I mean, you are a dude, yes? I’m assuming. That’s bad. I could be running a blog like this. Hmmm.)
    :::thinks to self “am I really 43?” lulz:::

    ZOMG! It’s CATURDAY! I must post a 4chan longcat.


    Stalkers are lol still makes me do the happy dance.
    .-= spookie´s last blog ..Skulls and Wheels: A Gallery of Skateboard Art =-.


    • admin Says:

      Longcat is long, Tacgnol is terrifying and we’re all of us cowering in fear of Catnorak‘s grim and inexorable approach.

      And yes, admin is a guy, though Trollcats is a bit of a group effort–think “three dudes in a grubby central city office, drinking beer and letting their fingernails grow too long.”



      • spookie Says:

        Coleslawsome. Grubby central city office… beer… not cutting fingernails. My curiosity is so peaked I might implode. I’m jealous you guys HAVE an office. I’m rather trapped in my home office… then again, I can wear undies and work. Can you guys? Wait, nevermind. I know you’re going to say yes after the beer and fingernails thing.

        Catnorak ED link was unseen by me until today. I have more pics than they do. So do you guys I bet. But the page was good for a LOL. But WTF is up with those slip-ons? Catnarok shoes. ha ha. Did someone marker up a blank pair of VANS?

        Imagine the marketing here…
        blank VANS or similar

        I just got a pair of R. Crumb “Fritz the Cat” VANS and I’ll tell you, they are SWEEEET. Then again, I like graphic novel porn.

        SG: Re; GET FUCKED — yeah, I took that cranky cat’s advice myself. XD Robbed that cradle and you know it.
        .-= spookie´s last blog ..Skulls and Wheels: A Gallery of Skateboard Art =-.


    • Jim McCray Says:

      Now I finally know the truth. Now I live in Heaven.
      .-= Jim McCray´s last blog ..A Valentine’s Day Joke About My Ex-Girlfriend =-.


  2. slum_goddess Says:

    LOL to spookie and youse. but ‘get fucked?’ don’t mind if i do. *beaming w/permission or whatever*

    nb: i just found this in an open tab; totally forgotten to post after previewing. this is most likely a result of staying up all night working then coming over here for a LOL/Troll-break. duh me (for a change). edit: yup, i first wrote it sometime before i posted my last which isn’t Almshouse pics. oh well—no biggie. ;-)
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..Almshouse pics &c =-.


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