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“Inventing the game doesn’t mean you get to name it” trollcat

Thu, Sep 3, 2009


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Thanks to Kyle Speicher for submitting this one.

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11 Responses to ““Inventing the game doesn’t mean you get to name it” trollcat”

  1. slum_goddess Says:

    ‘you Europeans’… ‘old Europe’… LMAO! they’re so passionate about their idiotic sports wherever (whenever i hear it called ‘footie’, i fucking cringe), they embarrass me. then again, so do the facepainting jerks back in the States. ‘footie’ as if it’s an affectionate name like ‘telly’ for TV; is there a word for simultaneously cringing, eye-rolling and face-palming? nah? there should be. ;-)
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..Scotland! =-.


    • SaintGothric Says:

      Is there a word for simultaneously cringing, eye-rolling and face-palming?

      Why YES, there is.

      That would be “Getting Squicked”.


  2. triin Says:

    Well, call it soccer if you want, but talking American football… why is it called FOOTball when they run around with this thing (which isn’t really round enough to call it a ball), carrying it in their hands? I don’t mean to say that it’s not a good game… it’s just not a very good name for it ;)


    • MasterCKO Says:

      It’s because both evolved out of the same sport (“football” was the general name for that sport, “soccer” was the name for it that people in whatever Association for the sport that was around at the time called it).

      Eventually, one branched off when they took to carrying the ball around more than kicking it around. BTW, I think there are some parts of England that calls “football” (in the European sense) soccer, too.


  3. dkruythoff Says:

    Can anyone explain to me how a sport in which you run around with the ball UNDER YOUR ARM can be called football?
    Please! Anyone! Rid me of this mystery.


  4. Kathleen Says:

    And then they call football “American Football”. As if there should be any other kind. Ha.


  5. Kyle Says:

    Well, about 10-15 times a game, someone does actually kick the ball. So there’s that…
    Plus it’s too late to call it “Throwball” or “Carryball”.


  6. DrowningStar Says:

    I. Just. Lost. The. Game.


  7. Eurocowboy Says:

    Americans are known to have 4 legs.. that’s why they call it football. They also use feet instead of meters.. that’s why their Engineering is so much Zoongineering.


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