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Roman Polanski doesn’t deserve your sympathy trollcat

Mon, Sep 28, 2009


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15 Responses to “Roman Polanski doesn’t deserve your sympathy trollcat”

  1. David Says:

    You deserve to go behind bars oldie. You’re one big pathetic loser!


  2. Reason Says:

    Love it! :)


  3. slum_goddess Says:

    whoa, i didn’t know about the drugging, just the raping. said it somewhere before, not only is this my fave site now, it’s my fave news site as well.
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..Almshouse pics &c =-.


  4. linda Says:

    I will always remember Roman P as a rapist and an abuser of children. Ok, he does great films?? SO WHAT???

    I guess I can start raping people, as long as I direct great films. NO sense in that. Come on people – wake up!


  5. Kathleen Says:

    I so did not realize what he actually did until a couple days ago, because, yes, it was ages ago.
    I’d thought they had consenting sex, so I was like OK that’s very bad, but why are they still after him 30 yrs later? Now I get it.


  6. Sir John Thomas Says:

    Hey like photograher Annie Liebowitz child pornography is OK if it’s somebody famous (Miley Cyrus) and dad Billie Ray Bob (whatever that idiots name is) knows about it. Drug then rape children? No problem says Martin Scorsese. How many people here will still see his films? David Lynch supports the rape of children too. Does anyone here care? Cheers to Monica Bellucci for seeing fit to back a rapist. Can’t wait to continue following her, right?


  7. lols Says:

    Before I saw “Polanski” I thought this one was about Glenn Beck.


  8. Lil Miss Direction Says:

    Glenn Beck was convicted of drugging then raping a 13 yr old girl then fleeing the country and he promised to pay the family restitution, didn’t, continued to travel Europe and tell everyone how the LA District Attn Office wouldn’t go after him? Wow I didn’t know Glenn Beck did that!


    • GlennBeck1990 Says:

      And how! He’s also never denied that he killed her. The mistake here is it was 1990, not 1980.


      • admin Says:

        That’s outrageous! Did Glenn Beck really rape and murder a young girl in 1990 while high on cocaine? If I were Glenn Beck and I were accused of raping and murdering a young girl in 1990 while high on cocaine you can bet I’d be anxious to deny that I, Glenn Beck, raped and murdered a young girl in 1990 while high on cocaine. I don’t see Glenn Beck denying that he raped and murdered a girl in 1990 while high on cocaine. I think Glenn Beck really ought to deny that he raped and murdered a young girl in 1990 while high on cocaine.

        Unless, of course… the truth is that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990 while high on cocaine!

        Also, this:



  9. H Says:

    Do I care that Polanski raped a 15 year old whore. no. Even the whore herself says she doesn’t care. If Polanski deserves to go to jail for anything it is for making the “Ninth Gate”. And yes Glenn Beck did rape and murder a girl in 1990.


  10. ran Says:

    Roman isnt a good boy. Also click on my name.


  11. Evil Muffin Says:

    The cat looks like a rapist.

    I wouldn’t let it near my kids.

    Even if I don’t have any.


  12. Barmaid Says:

    She might have asked for it tho.

    And thanks for the heads up about Glenn Beck raping and murdering a girl in 1990


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