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Homosexual parents molest their children trollcat

Sun, Oct 4, 2009


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This trollcat submitted by Roar Waite

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20 Responses to “Homosexual parents molest their children trollcat”

  1. Andy Says:

    This is not at all funny! You obviously know no homosexual parents! I am a father to two girls and am neither a child molester or a bad parent. You should try putting your energies into something more constructive. As if life isnt hard enough, you get jerks like you making stupid comments like this!


  2. serr8d Says:

    Ummm, no. Not that I support gays raising kids, it should be the last resort (better than being raised by the State, I suppose). Something’s broken in their noggins.

    Most gays I know don’t want to be near kids. Whatever’s broken in their noggins, the wanting kids thinger is part of what’s broken.

    But this? Definitely way past left field.

    (How does one vote around here??)


  3. roar Says:

    this is one of the better days of my life, and the fail comment just makes it sweeter. i’d like to thank everyone involved for making this a great production.


  4. A-neg Says:

    This isn’t funny at all.


    • slum_goddess Says:

      .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..scenes around town =-.


      • spookie Says:

        Holy hell, why do people NOT grasp TROLLcats?
        I lol’ed, I have gay friends! WAY gay! I mean, they aren’t the laming type, just regular every day gay, you know, “not that there’s anything wrong with that” (sorry, Seinfeld) and bisexual, way before it became some scene kid or trendy high school thing… christ on flying carpets, don’t come to trollcats if you’re going o actually get offended. It’s LOLyish. (hmm, “lolyish,” I like it. for tonight.)

        N00bs… grasp the concept. TROLL.

        Or be a lulzcow, if you wish. :P

        p.s. admin pic posted in comment = awesome. stolen. kthx.
        .-= spookie´s last blog ..Skulls and Wheels: A Gallery of Skateboard Art =-.


    • Kyle Says:

      It’s funny at some, obviously not you.


  5. DrowningStar Says:

    I lol’d.


  6. Rick Romanowski Says:

    Definitely offensive but yet soooo funny!!! and cute!
    .-= Rick Romanowski´s last blog ..31 Days of Halloween – Day 6: Goosebumps’ Haunted Mask =-.


  7. Jim McCray Says:

    .-= Jim McCray´s last blog ..A Valentine’s Day Joke About My Ex-Girlfriend =-.


  8. Doyle Says:

    Not funny. Not clever. Senseless bashing with no point or punchline. Big fucking fail.


  9. Hogarth Says:

    I would be fine – if I wasn’t raised by NIGGERS.

    Sound good to you? That’s how I saw this.


    • admin Says:

      No, it doesn’t sound good to me. You failed to observe the appropriate grammatical forms for the mixed conditional tense.

      Try, “I would be fine–if I hadn’t been raised by NIGGERS.”

      (You’re welcome.)


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