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Kyle Speicher is SO ON TOP OF HIS SHIT trollcat

Sat, Oct 31, 2009


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This trollcat submitted by doombudgies. (Inspired, we presume, by this one.)

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12 Responses to “Kyle Speicher is SO ON TOP OF HIS SHIT trollcat”

  1. Kyle Speicher Says:

    Wait. Is this a trollcat fail? Did the creator mean to say “It’s called football, you fucking limey?”
    Oh my God. TROLLCAT FAIL.wygfail.jpg


    • Sari Everna Says:

      No. The players on the field are clearly playing what is known in North America as soccer and in Europe as football. The cat is the speaker. The cat it using the insult “limey”. British people don’t call this game soccer, hence the “correction”.

      Game identification fail for you, Kyle.

      Unless there’s some bit of obscure trivia I missed about somebody named Kyle Speicher and that’s actually the joke here. In which case you failed me Google!

      At any rate, what I really wanted to remark on was how displeased that cat looks. Oh kitten, you’re so adorably angry.


  2. Kyle Speicher Says:

    So, the cat is also American, and is insulting a European? See, I was horribly confused at the start of this. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it is well after midnight. I should be sleeping now. I am not.
    So this trollcat is therefore reinforcing my previous soccer trollcat. Hence, we have a repeat trollcat, admins. Amirite?
    (Or am I just too tired to know what’s going on here?)


    • Angry European Says:

      Hey whatever it is I am gobsmacked that you even knew what it is called in Europe, most Americans are not even sure where on the globe Europe is. Even heard one ask “What is the native language in Europe?” Doh


  3. admin Says:

    Yeah, omg what’s my problem. Total trollcat fail.

    Pleading lateness, lack of due diligence, brain parasite, and a horrible sniffly and persistent case of Lose flu.

    Title and URL changed to reflect THE TRUTH[tm].


  4. roar Says:

    aw you guys <3


  5. Kyle Speicher Says:

    Can I put that title on my resume?
    Experience: Kyle Speicher is SO ON TOP OF HIS SHIT.



  6. Your Mum Says:

    We called it Football because we assumed it was a pretty straight forward explanation to the game, obviously it was too complicated for Americans to work out. But never mind you carry on bastardizing the language we started.


  7. angry Says:

    Did anybody understand what that limey is talking about?


  8. Brekkens Says:

    hahaha hilarious!


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