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L. Ron Hubbard pwned them all trollcat

Wed, Oct 28, 2009


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8 Responses to “L. Ron Hubbard pwned them all trollcat”

  1. admin Says:

    Or if you prefer (in homage to this guy):



  2. slum_goddess Says:

    hey, it IS a legitimate religion and i take umbrage at anything mocking my saviour, El-Ron — wasn’t he also Superman’s father? no wait, that was Jor-El.

    anyway, if a person writing sci-fi books that don’t sell comes up w/the brilliant idea of starting his own belief system and some wealthy dipshits join, then IMO it’s legit, especially in America w/our freedom of religion (which i read as meaning we’re free to make it all up).

    if Joseph Smith Jr did it w/the Mormons, why not Jor-El, soz, i mean: why not El-Ron?

    everybody knows the wealthier and more famous the person, the more legitimate whatever s/he’s into, especially in the States (i think it’s in the Constitution or the Bill Of Rights or somewhere). and when a bunch of big-name actors, actresses and other assorted hollywood celebs and ppl in the music biz go for it, then it’s GOT to be legit. think about it: would hollywood bigshots lie to us? or *gasp* CELEBRITIES?

    I. DON’T. THINK. SO.

    true story: i once lived in a sci’y residence in which half the residents were problem kids and the other half were hardened criminals using the place as a halfway house. then came my supposedly ex-junkie BF and me (he had em all fooled, apart from me).

    after i went ‘clear’, they appointed me Ethics Officer which meant the head of the house, the staff and the residents had to report to me whenever any of em fucked up and it was my job to write em up. naturally, i had to report any indiscretions i did myself but i kept forgetting to write myself up about the reefer i’d stashed in the storage room (along w/the pills and the Jack Daniels).

    my point? any religion that makes a person like me their Ethics Officer has got to be A-O-fuckin-K LEGITIMATE. i rest my case. :-)
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..SCORE! =-.


  3. Kapstaad Says:

    “Legitimate Religion” is an oxymoron.


  4. Evil Muffin Says:

    I am a scientologist.



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