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Update: Changes

Sun, Oct 18, 2009


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trollcatunoHey guys. The crew here at had a meeting today and decided on some things that are going to affect you all, so we thought we’d do a post about our decisions and their consequences, explaining our reasoning.

1) We’re going to avoid publishing trollcats that represent minor variations on already-covered themes.
So if we already have, for example, an “eating babies is teh_awesome” trollcat and a “fags are teh_sux” trollcat, we’re going to be unlikely to publish submissions or create new trollcats for those particular trolls. If we do add new trollcats that are variations-on-already-covered-themes then they are going to have to be exceptionally-good-in-our-completely-subjective-opinion.

2) We’re going to get tougher on submissions.
Until now we’ve been pretty easygoing about accepting trollcat submissions. We want to lift the bar for both our team and for submitters. We also reserve the right to edit/modify submissions where we think they represent good ideas that have just been poorly executed.

3) We’re reducing our publishing frequency commitment.
We’ve also had a policy of publishing a trollcat at least once a day. We’ve decided that while we will still try to do that, if we can’t come up with a quality trollcat then we won’t publish one that we think is just “okay” for the sake of it. Our new commitment is to try to do at least three quality updates a week.

4) We’ll be deleting some previously-published trollcats that we think are particularly weak or uninspired.
Some of them are submissions, some of them are our own creations. No fear or favor will be shown.

5) The gist.
Generally what came out of our discussion today was that we want to start pushing more for quality over quantity, so that people turning up here will want to at least come back every once in a while. It’s a beautiful dream, right? AND WE DARE TO DREAM.

Particularly interested to hear what our long-time commentators and regular lurkers have to say about the changes. Have at us!


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16 Responses to “Update: Changes”

    • admin Says:

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  1. roar Says:

    i’m a daily visitor already, but i’m all for the quality drive


  2. drj Says:

    As a lurker since day one, I totally agree, otherwise this will end up just like the cheesy swamp known as ICHCB.


  3. Captain Weiner Says:

    Any way I can get a copy of that cute cat with the two different colored eyes that was offering to suck me back?! I thought that was AWESOME and it was gone when I tried to show it to friends. I has a sad. :(


  4. slum_goddess Says:

    hey dudes, it’s your site to do w/as you wish. personally, i’ll miss coming over every day to see whatever new one but i totally agree w/all you said (i’m a quality over quantity type myself).
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..for BJ & Rigby II =-.


    • admin Says:

      We’ve actually got enough trollcats right now to post one a day for a month and a half, which we will do, so it’ll be one a day for at least that long.

      It’s more that we’re not going to make daily posting the priority over quality posting. And we’re not going to post submissions that we think are borderline-rubbish.


  5. Jim McCray Says:

    If you read my comments, you know how I feel about it already. I voted this post “up,” if that’s any indicator.
    .-= Jim McCray´s last blog ..A Valentine’s Day Joke About My Ex-Girlfriend =-.



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