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About to die on reddit trollcat

Tue, Nov 24, 2009


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This trollcat submitted by Anonymous.

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8 Responses to “About to die on reddit trollcat”

  1. slum_goddess Says:

    since my mother’s one, Jewy law sez i’m one as well. w/that outta the way, i think this’s hilarious.


    • admin Says:

      Yeah felt kind of bad about publishing this one as we’ve already had a ZOMG JEWISH CONSPIRACY trollcat. Though, you know. The guy who submitted it wasn’t wrong about the downvoting part, at least. Currently rocking -7 on reddit:


    • spookie Says:

      LOL, “Jewy law” goes for me as well. I’m a halfy-halfy. I would try to think of a trollcat for, say, the Jehovah’s, but I’m blank on lulz right now. Only picked them because of the doorbell ring last week… I want to say “Only 144k will get in? Heaven’s full by now then, sorry, not interested,” but I can’t seem to get myself to be trollish in person.


      • Kathleen Says:

        Oh I had the Jehovah’s Witnesses visiting me a lot a few years back because I just couldn’t bring myself to be mean to this little old lady that came to my house. Of all the people I can’t be mean to, little old ladies definitely top the list.


  2. slum_goddess Says:

    ‘reddit’. how the fuck many apps do we all RLY need? anyway, keep in mind (i know you’re ahead of me here), reddit’s a self-selected bunch and all. and i’m sure those who lurk/post there see so much shit, at least some-a em’ll fail to see the humor or notice the TROLL bit and/or end up taking it seriously, thus voting it down.


    ps, thank fuck for Trollcats. yiz all’ve caused me no end to the glee i feel whenever i spew what’s in my mouth over my desk in hysterics, thus interrupting the creeping depression quickly permeating what passes for my life. oops. i’ve said too much (as i always do). *smirk*
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..23, nov / 07,30 =-.


  3. Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster) Says:

    My great-great-grandparents were Lithuanian Jews :)
    .-= Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster)´s last blog ..Egg-sucking 101 for Dummies =-.


  4. slum_goddess Says:

    AFAIC, if one can’t laugh at one’s own bad/good self, yer (neither YOU nor you nor you) a fucking asshole w/o a sensa yooma and so, all you dipshits on reddit, either learn to read, get a life or both.

    truth o’ the day: there’re LOLcats AND TrollCats. *gasp* who’d-a thunk it? get the fuck over it (and again, learn to read cus reedin’ is FUN—’FuckedUpNecessary’).

    jeez, it ain’t me, it’s the E tawkin’. :-)
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..Black Friday again =-.


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