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Let’s just abort them all trollcat

Sat, Nov 7, 2009


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This trollcat submitted by Anonymous.

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4 Responses to “Let’s just abort them all trollcat”

  1. Kapstaad Says:

    But if they can’t leave the house, how will they maim and kill ducks and deer, guzzle beer in sports bars while watching hand-egg and drive their pickup trucks home to their trailers totally wasted, like all their lower-functioning redneck peers?

    Next you’ll be saying they can’t pierce their eyebrows or put rings through their nose and cover themselves in “me-toos”, listen to (c)rap music with the bass turned up to auditory-damaging levels or talk like wannabe blacktards, “whut? Bling to yo momma dawg fo shizzle” etc. Leave the retards alone and let them breed like rabbits in peace. Where else are we gonna get enough drivers to fill all those empty handicap parking slots, or “athletes” for the Special Olympics, or new consumers for the tobacco industry?


  2. F-U-ckTh-EreT-arDs Says:

    Fuck retarded people. They do nothing for society and deserve to be killed. Lets bring this country into a state of rebellion and into the Dark Ages


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