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You don’t want what you think you want trollcat

Tue, Nov 17, 2009


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This trollcat submitted by Kathleen Shimp with the following (slightly edited for clarity) commentary:

“The size zero model controversy is dumb. Because it’s true that only fat cows who are jealous get upset about models being too skinny, right?

This trollcat was inspired by a Karl Lagerfeld quote again- this time about a German magazine deciding to use only “real” women instead of models.

He said basically the people who get upset about thin models are fat moms sitting on the couch eating chips. Which, if not diplomatic, does have a grain of truth to it. (I think he sometimes is being a troll IRL, and gets a kick out of people overreacting.)

As someone who has indeed been model-thin most of my life (not currently, but am getting back there faster than I’d thought, as if it matters), I do get tired of reading only plus-sized women referred to as “real”. It is very annoying to think most of my life I’ve been, what? Unreal? Whatevs.”

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3 Responses to “You don’t want what you think you want trollcat”

  1. slum_goddess Says:

    back in the 90s, i read a looooong article in the NYTimes about how ladies’ clothing was being literally downsized cos so many large ladeez were upset. so w/i the space of a month, i went from size zero to kids’ sizes. my healthy normal sized younger sister was jumping for joy cos she was size 1. i showed her the article. jebus wept and so did she.

    i recently read this was being done again. yo, bitches! get over it—quit eating all that junkfood and exercise and/or fuck like you mean it and maybe you’ll shed a lb or ten of your useless flab.

    FFS! it’s only a number. and i for one, wouldn’t mind kids’ sizes but the details they put on kids’ clothing totally suck balls.
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..goddammit to hell }-( =-.


    • Kathleen Says:

      The only good thing about when I gained weight was, yes, finally not having to go to the kids’ department for anything… except socks, and shoes, and gloves, and sometimes hats… I had so many shirts with fluffy kitties pictured on them, as that was the only cutesy thing I could abide. I had a lot of boys’ stuff, since the alternatives were too “sparkly unicorns and rainbows” to even contemplate wearing.
      And I love wearing black, but back ten or fifteen years ago you couldn’t find black in the girls’ dept to save your life. That you can do so now I guess is the main benefit of Goth going mainstream.


  2. Dave Says:

    ”real” persons = fat.
    modelz = teh win

    i got it, i’m so clever + a model + from germany YAY


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