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I hear they love it when you call them that trollcat

Sun, Dec 27, 2009


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This trollcat submitted by Anonymiss.


8 Responses to “I hear they love it when you call them that trollcat”

  1. slum_goddess Says:

    training new teachers in NYC in the early 90s, they made damn sure to make us quit using ‘articulate’ as a descriptor. then again, my South Bronx GF Maria would put on her ‘white’ voice whenever she’d ring anyone she didn’t know; we had a right good laugh when she told me. just sayin’. :-)
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..bring it =-.


  2. Sari Everna Says:

    Cue “but they don’t exist” trollcat.


  3. Prime Says:

    They forgot to add “alert”. This trollcat sure looks ALERT! Look at those eyes!


  4. Sad Says:

    Cheesy racism? Seriously? Go fly your robes and use that dunce cap to drink out of.


  5. Matt Says:

    wow i must have missed that memo.. black is the new white. Bravo! phonics is dope yo’

    Between the African males and the Mexicans they are going to take over your country. Well thats the story lazy Americans use when the can’t be bothered leaving the mobile home to look for a job, because one of their relatives is on jerry Springer and they just cant miss it…. isn’t it?

    Aww damn paa..them damn Mexicans and Nergos dun tooken all the jobs.


  6. Evil Muffin Says:

    Trolling trollcat is a troll.


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