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Obese people are rageful trollcat

Wed, Dec 9, 2009


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This trollcat submitted by Bruno Bernardino.

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38 Responses to “Obese people are rageful trollcat”

  1. Bruno Bernardino Says:

    My first contribution to Trollcats, hope you enjoy it (or not).


  2. carole Says:

    Owww! This hurts to look at! I hope somebody got the poor cat away from the little shit! Or maybe thr REAL “little shit” is the one who let her choke the cat while he/she went and got the camera!


  3. slum_goddess Says:

    poor kitty. babygirl IS a fat liddle twat.
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..fuck the boxes =-.


  4. Timmy Says:

    omg. wtf . people f’ing suck. i hope that kitten is okay…ugh


  5. Jen Says:

    not funny. who the fuck lets their kid do this and then decides to take a pic??


  6. Kathleen Says:

    yeah, whoever would just stand there and take this pic, not rescue the poor cat, seriously needs me to come over and beat them with a 2×4. With rusty nails attached. And my 1st thought is I’d like to beat the fat little brat too, but maybe all she needs is to be taken away from her idiot parents.


    • admin Says:

      The fact they’ve turned their child into a cruel pudding suggests straight-off-the-bat-they-ought-to-be-beaten-to-death-with that they aren’t the greatest parents in the world.


  7. Marielle Says:

    Cute little kiddo! She’s so pretty!


  8. chomsky honk Says:

    Like most fat girls, she gives excellent head.


  9. RJ Says:

    OMG!! A cat-related picture that isn’t a lolcat!!??!!1 RAAAAAAGGEEE!!


  10. DrAwkward Says:

    Yeah, lets take a pic of our ugly fat kid choking out the cat. Plenty of lulz.


  11. Ferret Says:

    I’d shoot that kid just for being ugly.


  12. Matt Says:

    Im voting this down..because thats really just cruel not only to the child but to the cat. parent’s that make there kids that fat should be done for child abuse. She looks like a mini Michilen man. Someone get that cat away from her before she eats that too.

    to all fat people you should check out this new crazy diet.. I hear its all the rage. its called…. ‘Stop fuckin’ eating’.


  13. Linda Says:

    what in the world were they thinking to not only post this picture but to have stopped, laughed, grabbed camera, and THEN took the picture all the while this poor kitten is being choked to death by this kid. Stupid stupid stupid. Did I say stupid?? Some people REALLY are that dumb and ignorant of other life aren’t they?? I love children and I can tell you that my child would not have gotten away with picking the kitten up like that!! makes me angry and very homocidal feeling towards people that DO that. Ugh.


  14. Evil Muffin Says:

    Who the fuck stood there and took the picture while the greasy little fat kid choked the cat?!


    I hope the cat’s okay!


  15. pissedoffguy Says:

    fuck that fatass bitch i hope the cat turned around and fucked that ugly ass kid up. and whoever is the parent of this kid should get beat the fuck up too. yeah lets all laugh about animal creulty like retards. this has been the infamous pissedoffguy.


    • 3DD Says:

      You guyz suck at trolling, or are you actully serious?

      Oh, oh, nevermind the fact that you can pick up a cat anywhere off the streets for free int he U.S. because all they do is fuck each other and make kittens. If you just get pissed over seeing a little picture of a little piss ant cat, then you should really think about buying some drain cleaner and dowing half a gallon of it. But don’t even think that it might be photoshopped. Of course that’s only to be read if your actually serious.

      IF you’re trying to troll; still do the drain cleaner thing because you’re a horrible excuse for a troll.


      • Shan Says:

        I hope you die a slow painful death if that’s how you view cats. How would you feel if someone picked you up by the throat and stood there strangling you while onlookers laughed and photographed it rather than saving you? Cats constantly fuck and make kittens because of dumb fucking people who don’t adopt from shelters and get their cats desexed. And because the cat’s a kitten that makes it ok does it? Can I go around strangling babies then cause they’re only small humans?


  16. dawn Says:

    I hope that the cat was not hurt, looks more creepy than funny to me…


  17. dawn Says:

    I hope that the cat was not hurt.This pic looks more creepy than funny to me.


  18. Joe Says:

    Not cool at all. I mean, kids do mean shit to pets, and it can be kind of funny, but not funny enough to where I would take a picture of it. When that behavior happens, you need to correct it IMMEDIATELY, not only for the pet but for the kid


  19. John Says:

    My favorite Troll Cat yet! Brilliant.


  20. Morgan Says:



  21. GUERIN Says:



  22. Chloe.H Says:

    Fu*k people who kill animals :'(

    someone add me on msn :)


  23. Caitlin(I Says:

    Completely Horrible. Reporting the wesite. It’s reall, really mean! :'(


  24. shannon Says:

    fuck u fat bicch the cats tell thw truth



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