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That’ll teach them to bogart all the frosted donuts trollcat

Tue, Dec 1, 2009


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This heartfelt tribute to recently deceased cop-killer Maurice Clemmons brought to you by Virus With Shoes.

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10 Responses to “That’ll teach them to bogart all the frosted donuts trollcat”

  1. VirusWithShoes Says:

    That’s some sick shit, right there.


    • slum_goddess Says:

      the sicker the lulzier AFAIC.

      in other news, Comluv fucked up again? holy hell, so i can’t show off the tribute vid Space Cowboy made for me and have to linkwhore myself? damn, i never would do ANYthing like that *snigger*

      anyway, it’s a shortie (like me) called ‘this one’s for you, S1umGoddess’

      i’ll show YOU, Comluv: my last post detailing all the intristin’ things that happened yesterday in my oh-so-busy and totally fabaroo life is here:

      have i ever mentioned i lie? a LOT? consider it mentioned and do me a biggie: let us not ever speak of it again.


  2. admin Says:

    I, for one, am shocked that such callous and offensive material is allowed to be published on the Internet.

    The Web Cops have been alerted. Enjoy your sick chuckles, fucksticks. This site is going DOWN.


  3. Billy Grooms Says:

    Well done, Trollcats, well done. Just like I like them, balls out on the table for the world to see.


  4. Kathleen Says:

    And I would believe anything a kitten that cute has to say.


  5. Evil Muffin Says:

    What Kathleen said.


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