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Every cloud has a… trollcat

Wed, Jan 20, 2010


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This trollcat submitted by Replay Ray.

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19 Responses to “Every cloud has a… trollcat”

  1. Kyle Says:

    Let’s share the ramen noodles together. I can’t remember the last time we just had a simple, quiet, romantic evening of our own at home in this box.


  2. Jen Says:

    Billy Bill Bills


  3. admin Says:

    Honorable mention to AndreaUrbanFox for the below version, by the way. It came in a little later than Ray’s.



  4. tickie Says:

    This is nice. So sweet. Wish my husband and I could be this sweet again.


  5. slum_goddess Says:

    whoa, Replay Ray — true story AFAIC. thing of it is, we enjoyed a bit of luxury as our box once held a refrigerator and so we had plenty of room for guests. :-)
    .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..LOL of the day =-.


    • Replay Ray Says:

      slum_goddess, you had me running to the GTIS once again, fooling me by leaving off the “R” in AFAICR. but you also had me enthralled with your sense of aethestics, for those of us in the know know that fridge boxes are the true mansions of cardboard condos. i’ll wager you only dined from the dumpsters of the finest french restaurants.
      .-= Replay Ray´s last blog ..the REAL reason the Mayan calendar ends on Dec.21,2012 =-.


      • slum_goddess Says:

        replay ray: DUH? —> GTIS (can’t be Great Thesaurus in the Sky, could it)? splain me, PLS. as well, i’ve never used AFAIC w/an ‘R’ at the end (i wouldn’t even know what it meant) so if you were fooled, it was neither by me nor was it my intention to do so.

        and dig: i ‘dined’ *snigger* from the dumpsters of the nearest restaurants in walking distance to Thompkins Square Park. dunno how it is now, but back then, they were forced to trash their extra, unbought yet very edible food at night’s end and we stuffed ourselves like the pigs we were, then gave the rest away to deserving (read: homeless) others.

        ps, we lucked upon the fridge box & what a find it was. at one point, ex-BF wired up a stereo system thanks to the open electrics box hanging from a handy/nearby telephone pole. and yeah, we had (free) phone service as well.

        i wanted to hang out a sign e.g., ‘welcome to SG Mansions’ but exBF’s better judgement prevailed. after a week or three, the local cops came & trashed our liddle refuge whilst looking for contraband they never found (it was hidden under a rock).

        yeah, ‘i could tell you stories’ *in a John Goodman voice* (from ‘Barton Fink’). but YES! Filmic Tourettes strikes again (& no, i ain’t sorry it did).
        .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..LOL of the day =-.


    • Replay Ray Says:

      that’s what i get for going to wiki. i thought you were saying “As Far As I Can Remember”, which with all the vegetable material you consume prolly’s not too far, when you were akshully sayin’ “As Far As I’m Concerned”, which does sound more like you. as for GTIS, apparently, i made that up.”Guide To Internet Slang” does not exist, even as a pathetic meme.
      .-= Replay Ray´s last blog ..the REAL reason the Mayan calendar ends on Dec.21,2012 =-.


      • slum_goddess Says:

        ‘as far as i can remember’? words which’ll never leave my lips cause then i’d be lying as i can’t remember shit. and please don’t blame the thwoop (or vegetable matter as you so nicely called it); blame the senility and the relentless ADD as well as the Asperger’s for supplying (needless) details.

        now what the fuck was i saying again? don’t bother answering, it’ll go in one ear and get stuck in the empty brain-pan in no time at all. BTW, last night i twat ‘i think i’ll STFU now’ and i managed to do so for 13 hours, an alltime record! ;-)

        BTW, a GTIS wouldn’t be a bad idea but there’s so much of it and it changes so fastly, any GTIS would be obsolete in no time at all. as well, it’s all relative. my slang is most prolly other ppl’s words of wisdom or the other way round.

        please be aware i have no idea what i’m tawkin about as i’m only wasting bandwidth and using up as much space as i can in a feeble effort to attention-whore, mostly cause i got yet another anonymous (chickenshit!) mail this AM, informing me i’m losing the attention-whore wars. this is me caring: *yawn*

        right, almost forgot: i’m not wearing knickers. just sayin’. *snigger* in an att’n-whorey kinda way. :-)
        .-= slum_goddess´s last blog ..hesitating with Hunter =-.



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