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Nice bedside manner douche trollcat

Sat, Jan 16, 2010


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This trollcat submitted by Anonymiss.

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13 Responses to “Nice bedside manner douche trollcat”

  1. Kyle Speicher Says:

    Thanks, Dr. GiantRightPaw.
    Seriously, WTF is up with that cat’s paw?!?!?!


  2. Replay Ray Says:

    cat either is shooped or it has cancer,too. but what about the personage behind cat?”pants on the ground!lookin’ like a fool wid’ your pants on the ground!”
    .-= Replay Ray´s last blog ..the REAL reason the Mayan calendar ends on Dec.21,2012 =-.


  3. Sari Everna Says:

    I was kind of wondering what’s up with GiantRightPawCat, too. Commence speculation!


  4. roar Says:

    the paw is swollen from years of dr. bitchslaps because people cry when he reminds them god hates them.


  5. Pomegranate Says:

    I’ve seen this one before… the cat’s name is Waffles, and it lost a fight with a bee. The bee stung Waffles’ paw; that is why it’s swollen.


  6. spookie Says:

    Waffles. *holds in giggle*

    Definitely cancer. Reminds me of HOUSE. Dr. House.

    Waffles. tee hee hee

    Big paw is BIG.


  7. golda Says:

    I wonder which paw is normal? LOL! It’s cute to have two different paws. One for scratching and one for cuddling yourself… meow.


  8. Anonymiss Says:

    Well, the point was kind of that the cat featured (one with giant paw) was the patient with cancer. Maybe it’s not as funny that way. XP


  9. rlander Says:

    Hellboy’s cat, hellcat.


  10. Evil Muffin Says:

    The kitty has a paw tumor.


  11. canne de marche Says:

    Jajajajaj i love your cat and he love classic canes !



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