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Slow clap for the iPad trollcat

Wed, Jan 27, 2010


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You just know that in a year there will be a “revolutionary” new iPad which has a (gasp) camera integrated, and I bet even then it won’t  do multitasking…

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7 Responses to “Slow clap for the iPad trollcat”

  1. notaloser Says:

    nice troll

    fwiw i’d rather brave the PC universe’s host of evil code and murder than feel guided, coddled, and safe in AppleWorld with streamlined faggoty Anne and Andy.



  2. anna Says:

    Im new here. What is trollcat? And how can I share some photos of my funny cat?


  3. roar Says:

    congratulations apple, you have reinvented the virtual boy


  4. Aaron Says:

    Yeah. I also love the “Think the iPad sucks? It’s just not for you” article. What, that’s the excuse? I can crumple up a piece of paper, stick a penny to it, and garnish it with hairgel and then put off the ‘haters’ of my fantastic product as just not ‘getting’ what it’s about. We don’t like the ipad and they call it ‘uninformed’. Really, it not running flash, not multi-tasking apart from music in the background while you’re doing anything else pretty much eliminates it as a useful – much less an innovative – device. There is nothing new, nothing innovative and nothing special about that turdy pad. But hey, at least there’s three stores on there, could it be more obvious that all Apple really want you to do with your device is shove more money up their asses by purchasing things from the store (it’s pretty much vetted to do that, and pretty much JUST that, so hell).

    Also, for those of you going “if you buy the kindle you might aswell go for this”.. are you out of your minds? Reading something off *that* screen? The kindle has an eye-friendly screen, and is quite a bit lighter, which makes for nicer reading. There’s nothing that could induce me to read effing books off any mac screen on a regular basis, ever. Now I know why nerds have big fat glasses on. They insist that computer screens are teh roxxors for extended reading. Blindness WIN.

    Absolute fail, and while obv, it’s your choice if you want to spend the money on this piece of shit, I think you’ll be proving you’re really a toolbag who’s all too ready to get milked up and down by Mr. Jobs. Grats for being complete tools, and enjoy trying to make yourself believe why you ‘need’ this device.



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