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Yeah, so. Twitter.

Wed, Jan 6, 2010


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As many of you have noticed, Trollcats has had its old Twitter account bitchslapped into cryogenically suspended oblivion. Why? We’re not really sure.

When we inquired as to the nature of our (doubtlessly monstrous) sins Twitter tersely responded in this manner. They seem to be implying that we were following “aggressively” (despite having twice as many followers as following) and that we had “serial accounts”(?) (which we’re taking to mean “automatic posting of tweets”–which okay, guilty, but it’s not like plenty of the postings weren’t also real-time responses to twitter discussions, as many of you can attest.)

Anyway, you fall off the smiling blubbery cetacean, you get back on. Here’s our new twitter account. Please feel free to follow it to receive site updates and communicate us in real-time, as before. As a side note, we think the CAPTCHA we got when we signed up again might somewhat eerily point to what Twitter’s real problem with us was/is/will doubtless be again.

And if you wish to honor our fallen account, please do so by continuing to nurse a deep, abiding Twitter hatred in your collective hive-mind bosom. Save while Twitter spends. Plot while they play. For one day Twitter will turn its back on us for the last time and the final desperate, gasped word spoken by Tweety bird as our shiv slides into its right kidney will¬† be,¬† “Why?”

And the answer will be, smiling, whispered through gritted teeth, “For Trollcats. For Trollcats.”

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14 Responses to “Yeah, so. Twitter.”

  1. AndreaUrbanFox Says:

    Major uber FAILwhale to Twitter. Lame excuse. They cocked up, period.
    Long live Trollcats!!!
    .-= AndreaUrbanFox´s last blog ..AndreaUrbanFox: See my #trollcats submissions @ ReTweet #WP =-.


  2. Kyle Says:

    Well, you guys DO auto-post a bit too much. Maybe instead of every hour, it could be every 2 hours.


  3. Kyle Says:

    Is that twitter nomming on the balls of the Jonas Brothers while doing karaoke to Miley Cyrus and Dane Cook?


  4. Troll Trollanovicz Says:


    and ofc,




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