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And other lies fat women like to tell themselves trollcat

Sun, Feb 14, 2010


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“OMG like fashion designers, amirite?”

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9 Responses to “And other lies fat women like to tell themselves trollcat”

  1. Hermes Says:

    Men don’t like skinny. I must say yes, they are in closet if they like thin women.


  2. Potter Says:

    I happen to like thin women but I’m not gay. Call it weird but I have fetish for thin women.


    • John Says:

      Why ” call it weird “?? I like thin, even very skinny women myself too. So what? Many men like skinny women and that’s 100% O.K. and normal. Skinny is sexy and beautiful. And people who don’t agree with this probably have a fat ugly wife at home… not my fault! lol
      Skinny rocks!


  3. Arlan Says:

    Men who like model-like bodies are gay! I want chubbies and that makes me straight. What a logic.


    • John Says:

      Men who like model bodies are certainly not gay, they just know what real beauty is. Model bodies are exciting and skinny is very beautiful. If I want meat, I go to the butcher…


  4. Evil Muffin Says:

    VERY gay. So very very flaming :)


  5. Doctoroctagonapus Says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking when I banged your skinny sister.

    Ok so I haven’t had sex with a skinny woman. But that is only a coincidence. I would bang skinny chicks all day long.


  6. John Says:

    I’ve kicked on skinny women all my life long and married my sexy skinny femfriend many years ago now. She always watched her sexy slim line and at 48 y.o. now her ribs are still countable and her hipbones are jutting!
    The best sex I ever had was always with skinny, even very bony girls/women and after all those years I’m still soooo glad that I married the right woman for me: very beautiful, sexy and… skinny!!


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