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All of your premiums are belong to us trollcat

Fri, Apr 16, 2010


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This trollcat submitted by Mary Z.

7 Responses to “All of your premiums are belong to us trollcat”

  1. Dready Says:

    What a beautiful cat!!!! Looks like something that plopped out of Yoda’s ass.


  2. Andrea_UrbanFox Says:

    this healthcare larky is getting old and tired. besides, in the UK we already get free healthcare so what do I fecking care?


  3. Dready Says:

    Hey Andrea….you should have to listen to that crap every fn day!! All because the insurance people bought the minority party.
    GOP= Group Of Pricks


  4. Pauloa Says:

    So this is how my cat gonna look like when I shave it. Damn! Scary animal indeed!


  5. Carlo Says:

    Free my health insurance crap! This is one big crap. Just bury it!


  6. Beyonce Says:

    Now I’m thinking of shaving my cat. LOL.


  7. Evil Muffin Says:

    Don’t shave your cat. It’ll ask for health care.


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