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No one will ever fall asleep wondering what AndreaUrbanFox thinks trollcat

Tue, Apr 20, 2010


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This trollcat submitted by AndreaUrbanFox.

13 Responses to “No one will ever fall asleep wondering what AndreaUrbanFox thinks trollcat”

  1. Andrea_UrbanFox Says:

    MWahahaha! LOVE the caption you chose for this! Admin, you are so full of WIN…kudos :)
    .-= Andrea_UrbanFox´s last blog ..Andrea_UrbanFox: RIP Guru ??? Hip hop sucks so no one that spreads that gangstarr shite will be missed by me. =-.


  2. spookie Says:

    Hip-hop sucks? You don’t know The Herbaliser, huh. True hip-hop is music. What they call “hip-hop” today is mostly shit.

    .-= spookie´s last blog ..Southampton Animal Shelter =-.


  3. Sari Everna Says:

    This is a thing of beauty!


  4. Dready Says:

    Completely off topic here (as actually I’m not sure what exactly the topic is in this case)…..but anyway…….

    I am appalled that selling “crush videos” of women in heels or bare feet crushing kittens, puppies, and other small animals to death for the enjoyment of sexual deviants is now protected as First Amendment free speech courtesy of the SCOTUS.(This includes dog/cock fighting vids)

    By the same token I am confused that the posting of a racial/religious slur can be considered a “Hate Crime” and cannot be tolerated.

    Surely the utterence of an ignorant remark(speech) pales in comparison to the videoing of the premeditated abuse, torture, and death of a living creature (action) for financial gain.

    Does this ruling mean that the filming and release of a video depicting a child being molested is A-O.K., as long as you are not the one committing the act? How about “snuff” films? Isn’t this free speech? Why is one act of deviancy accepted and condoned while the other is criminalized?

    …we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…..


  5. Iyas Says:

    That look is priceless. Such a winner!


  6. Delphine Says:

    maybelline is much better in my opinion x



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