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Douchebag chain email forwarder trollcat

Wed, Jun 30, 2010


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This trollcat submitted by Ho1yHandGrenade.

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12 Responses to “Douchebag chain email forwarder trollcat”

  1. Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster) Says:

    I like to respond to those kinds of e-mails with: “Or else what? You’re not the boss of me.” :)



    • slum_goddess Says:

      ahhh, NeuroAster… you’re one of the nice ones about which i’ve heard so much. as for me, i dig responding to these kinda mails by submitting my stalkers’ names/addys (after masking my IP &c). i think of it as ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ and believe you me, they all deserve it — it’s the least i can do.


      nb: unless commentluv hates my ass (and who doesn’t nowadaze?), my last post’s titled ‘Nightmare of The Missing Day’, so commenthate’s more like it. PSA: the foregoing was labouriously typed in order to tempt Sod; if so tempted, all my typing shall be for nought. moving right along, i dunno WTF i’m tawkin about either. *wack*


  2. slum_goddess Says:

    ‘whisper a wish into your hand’? WHAT THE FUCK? tangentially (i blame the ADD, actually), i can’t help but be reminded of that old adage, ‘wish in one hand, shit in the other; see which fills up faster’.

    truth be told, i just dig saying that. why? cause i’m an immature baby who digs dragging down whatever statements smacking of seriousity, in re: that which i read; dragging it all down to the lowest, most foul, disgusting most common denominator, whether the shoe fits or not.

    wait… am i not making sense?* puh-leeze, it’s totally par for the course. :-)

    *hey y’all, don’t blame me; i just woke up and having not had my morning fix of smart as well as teh stoopit drugs, i’m a bit out-of-it. but I CAN HAZ MOAR? *taps foot impatiently* hmmpf… i’m WAIT-tinnnnng…


  3. admin Says:

    She’s bAAaaAAACK…


    • slum_goddess Says:

      *attention-whore mode* to paraphrase/quote a tune, ‘iz not meh — iz teh E tawkin’. and all the other deliciously inane alphabet letters that stand for extralegal substances.

      ‘bAAaaAAACK?’ moi? only if Admin heads the queue for free blowjobs, a queue i’d be pleased to organise. moving right along, an informal survey: tell the truth, laydeez: would y’all rather sex up a brainless yet good looking d00d or ‘do it’ (heh) with a homely yet the most clever guy EVar. y’all know what i’d choose.

      wait… somehow (drugs, the Absinthe) i forgot i have a site on which to spew my verbiousity and shouldn’t have bothered here. um, oops — my bad.

      hmmpf… i know i’m gonna regret posting this when i wake up betterer. that is, if i remember to Check My Work. ♯andthewaythingsaregoing ♯iwont.

      ‘COLONICS FOR EVERYBODY!’ holy hell, how did Brad Pitt sneak on the queue? get him OUT (no pretty boyz allowed). nb: i’m really not done here yet but i’m procrastinating writing some moronacy over at Tawdry so bear w/me, dudes. /*attention-whore mode*


      • slum_goddess Says:

        hah! silly ripped-outta-my-face me posted above comment waaaay the hell up there when i wanted to be under you here. and take that whichever way y’wanna cause it matters not — it’s alllll good. :-)

        damn… there’s sump’n about a clean blank page or an empty comment-field that’s always begged me to befoul it with any/all my moronacies. just sayin’.

        BTW, NeuroAster, i’m checking your front page, yup, as we speak (soz, ‘type’) and i’m way intrigued (and not cause i haven’t yet seen any typos or mis-spellings or whatever thingies that never fail to bug my Detail-Oriented Asperger-Anality. :-)


  4. ZZZZZZZzzzz Says:



  5. ZZZZZZZzzzz Says:




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