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Pandering to the Left trollcat

Sun, Jun 6, 2010


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This trollcat submitted by Anonymous.

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4 Responses to “Pandering to the Left trollcat”

  1. Sara Says:

    You rabid crazy (not)righties will stoop to anything to try to make your false points.

    What sad sad little trolls you all are.


  2. Sarah Says:

    LOL what a dumbass you are presenting yourself to be, sara. This is a cat-picture site, and you’re crying and whining all over it, you obsessed nut bag.


  3. Ernie Hemmeke Says:

    Palin is indeed controversial, but Sarah does have some wonderful points. I seriously hope she runs for President in the upcoming election. Even if she fails to win, she will talk about some interesting subjects and solutions which will compel the other candidates to be more detailed in their replies.


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