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Seems like a credible explanation Mister Rekers trollcat

Fri, Jun 18, 2010


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This trollcat submitted by EvilTwin Proboscisface. See also this.

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11 Responses to “Seems like a credible explanation Mister Rekers trollcat”

  1. Barmaid Says:

    I only support gay marriage if both chicks are hot.


    • slum_goddess Says:

      TESTIFY, SISTER! in other news, it cracks me up when commenters (not Barmaid) feel the need to totally restate the obvious and then unintentional hilarity ensues (not for em but for thee and me).

      ps, in regard to TrollCat caption above, ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse’ (as an oh-so-serious gung-ho cop tried to tell us after we drove the ‘wrong’ way outta a one-way parking lot). TRUE STORY! *wack*


  2. Catlady Says:

    Um, great … that cat is a calico. Calico is a sex-linked characteristic. Something like 99.9% of calico (or tortoise-shell, which is the same without white markings) are FEMALE. The 0.1% of calico/tortoiseshell cats that are male are sterile. And the chances are extremely good that kitten is her son (since the majority of red/orange cats are male). And is nursing. Way to go …. making fun of a nursing mother!

    You’d think that in a site with cats as part of your title, you’d bother to get your basic facts about cats right. Makes you look stupid.


    • slum_goddess Says:

      and posting a longass nine-plus line response is the epitome of proving one’s way more intelligent than any of us here — GOOD TO KNOW.

      hang on… i’m doing my darndest to make a lucid memorandum of your above, y’know; so i won’t forget. and whilst we’re on kitty-facts, DID YOU KNOW?: Tuxedo Kitties are 200X more totally clever than other-coloured kitties. i read that on the Internetz so it must be true.


  3. ? Says:

    You’d think that in a site with TROLL as part of the title, everyone would know that none of the stuff on this site was meant for anything but entertainment. Facts make you look stupid.


    • slum_goddess Says:

      LMAO! yer sooo right, ? Says. too bad there’s no time for you to go through the oh-too-many posts here written by those who chose to throw hissy fits, totally missing the ‘troll’ in TrollCats, yet choosing to walk off in a huff. *snigger*

      speaking of ‘huff’, where’s that papier bag fulla Duco? damn, i’m so desperate, i’ll even take a Carbona-soaked rag at bottom of the sack and needless to say, braincells be damned (i’ve got way too many of em already). :-)


  4. Tristar101 Says:

    Lean Foward.
    Recieve Stick.


  5. The One Says:

    Its the Mark Foley Trollcat!



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