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Yet another outrageous racial stereotype trollcat

Sat, Jun 12, 2010


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This trollcat submitted by In my pants.


7 Responses to “Yet another outrageous racial stereotype trollcat”

  1. mike jones Says:

    And after that, I’m gettin me some fried chicken


  2. Jen Says:

    it’s not a stereotype if it’s true


    • shadowmatrix Says:

      Really? I’m black, my family is obviously all black, and I live in a middle income neighborhood. We’ve never stolen anything from our neighbors and they’ve never stolen anything from us, black or white folks. Guess that means your ‘truth’ about us “niggers” really IS just a stereotype. Oh, and by the way, you have no clue what a stereotype is, please go back to school and this time pay attention. Thank God not all of us are as ignorant as some of the idiots posting in here.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    It’s funny because niggers really do steal shit..


  4. =^skeptic cat^= Says:

    That’s not true, I’ve had way more stuff ripped off from me by Mexicans ….


  5. Invader GIR Says:

    Yay, mine got accepted X3


  6. admin Says:

    I was kind of surprised anyone was brave enough to facebook-like this one, frankly.



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