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Because it’s not like these guys have been hassled enough trollcat

Mon, Jul 5, 2010


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This trollcat submitted by raum.


6 Responses to “Because it’s not like these guys have been hassled enough trollcat”

  1. Sk8eycat Says:

    I always liked “Jesus saves S&H Green Stamps.” Guess that shows my age.



  2. slum_goddess Says:

    *giggle* nah, i meant HAH! in other news, this ain’t the proper place for it but whoa, ‘I could tell you stories’ *in a John Goodman voice* about how the Jews treated one of their own (me) after i made the mistake of moving into a Jewy neighborhood in Brooklyn.

    it got so bad i felt pressured enough to wear the one and only Star of David i own, attempting to shut em the fuck up, but no. then again, i think the tats (and the piercings) totally negated the Star but hey, whaddoo i know? apart from the memory of this fat old dude who was a permanent fixture on the street (reading his newspaper whilst sitting on a milk crate), who spat on the sidewalk each time i went by.

    then again, it was all kinda worth it especially cause i got hugeass Schadenfreude on every over-90F Summer’s day whilst bopping down Avenue M to the D train cause *gasp* — ‘The horror!’ — my SKIN was showing! thing of it is, that particular neighborhood (MIDWOOD!) dictates that no matter the weather, people born w/vaginas must be totally covered up from wrists to ankles, so the perspiration is able to roll freely down their faces from under their wigs. BTW, that’s another thing i don’t get (and my mother — thanks to whose bloodline gives me my oh-so-respectful Jewishness — never gave me a satisfactory reply whenever i asked her to splain me why religious Jewy women cut off all their hair only to appear in public w/their heads covered w/expensive wigs in styles made of the kinda hair none of em were born w/: thick, straight, mostly blond, Germanic-type hair.

    *ducks* hah! y’missed me.

    oh wow — soz, TrollCat dudes: i used your lovely site as my soapbox (again). but hey, look over there ——> commentluv hates me (again) cause i’ve posted twice since ‘my own Independence Day 6,0′. hmmpf… now if i were a paranoid sort, i’d say commentluv hated the Jews. WAIT — lemme just draw a swastika or three on the walls here, just to prove my point.

    mother-FUCK-er, it didn’t work. *cough* hey, ADOLPH! DO sump’n, you pussy-ass bitch — i’m so returning those canisters of Zyklon B you wanted me to get rid of on eBay for your chickenshit ass.

    *whispers* to all collectors of WW2 memorabilia: contact me off-site. :-)



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