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We’re so glad you’re still alive and shit trollcat

Wed, Jul 7, 2010


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This trollcat submitted by Eviltwin Proboscisface (on our birthday too, so touching.)

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18 Responses to “We’re so glad you’re still alive and shit trollcat”

  1. real_juancho Says:

    ugh… disgusting


  2. slum_goddess Says:

    FUCKIN-A, exactly. whenever my Brit GF (stuck in the States) and i get too bummed, we remind each other of this shit. in truth, we quote the Very Reverend D Wayne Love — ‘one step closer to the grave… the box that awaits its grisly load and soon i’m gonna be food for worms’ — and it helps a bit w/our shite attitudes. but that’s what the drugs are for, to pick up the slack, like.

    ps, happy birthday, Trollcats. ever since i metcha, you’ve totally messed w/my chronic anhedonia but hey, nobody’s perfect. *snigger*


  3. trynacatchmetrollindurty Says:

    the greatest troll ?


  4. eviltwin Says:

    You know I love you bb <3


  5. slum_goddess Says:

    only a +2? how disappointing; i think i remember this scored higher (or the same) the other day. c’mon people, where’re your senses-a yooma?

    @Jon Pear (AKA NeuroAster): your comment bugged me until the drugs wore off and i finally noticed the smiley. until i did, i was gonna reply to you sump’n like ‘morbid’? and what’s wrong w/that?’

    but anyway, c’mon dudes; who amongst us doesn’t find this Trollcat totally teh funny? *cheezey grin*

    WOO-HOOOOO! i killed enough time here so now i can split to meet up w/my dealer, rather, i mean, it’s time to get down to the Chemist for, um, chemicals and shit. no, Band-aids or sump’n. no, wait, shampoo.

    fun-fact: they don’t call it ‘Anacin’ in England, they call it ‘Anadin’. and it looks funny on the packet.


  6. eviltwin Says:


    Successful troll has caused great offence…

    This pleases me greatly.


  7. Log Lady X Says:

    Successful troll is successful. Way to troll a site dedicated to trolling!



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