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Challenge to feminists trollcat

Sun, Oct 17, 2010


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This trollcat submitted by zioanza.

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12 Responses to “Challenge to feminists trollcat”

  1. Originality_is_Dead Says:

    1. Birth children
    2. Bitch and moan
    3. Bleed vaginally
    4. Make sammiches
    5. Take punches


  2. Izodchaos Says:

    1. Tell me how to lift and carry around heavy things
    2. Yellimg and telling me how small my peener really is
    3. Instruct me how to do a better job cleaning and washing
    4. Hitting hands w/ hairbrush/ruler/spatula really, really hard
    5. Compiling above list and how to post to global internet


  3. Petgrrl Says:

    Cake, pie, coffee, tea,…BJ?


  4. Talyn Says:

    1. Give birth, duh
    2. Respond to another person’s pain
    3. Breastfeed
    4. tolerate a child’s mischieviousness
    5. Aid/help/volunteer


  5. Tee hee! Says:

    1. Kissing boo boos
    2. Peeing while sitting down
    3. Frivolously spending money they didn’t earn
    4. Whoring
    5. Hating other women


  6. bink Says:

    1. Multiple
    2. Orgasm
    3. Orgasm
    4. Orgasm
    5. Orgasm


  7. Lorena Dunn Says:

    Men who like model bodies are certainly not gay, they just know what real beauty is. Model bodies are exciting and skinny is very beautiful. If I want meat, I go to the butcher…


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